Wednesday, February 28, 2007

so, anyone hiring?

yeah, wondering if I'll be needing to start hitting the pavement again soon. I yelled at my boss this morning in our (new - let's make the office a happier better place) weekly meeting. Felt necessary at the time, but now I'm feeling foolish for getting emotional.

stupid girly emotions.

Men have it better, I think, when it comes to controlling this shit. Men don't tend to choke when confronted or take offense at a statement of fact.

I do. Sometimes more so than others. My stupid Aunt Flo is here (not that you needed to know that) so today was one of those days where my emotion got the better of me. stupid girly emotions.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

sticks and stones

if your children read over your shoulder MAKE THEM LEAVE.
This coversation is NOT for little eyes (and innocent mouths)

I had this pretty major flash back today. While I was rooting in the back of the spice cupboard for a packet of equal this little bottle of Dill Weed caught my eye. I instantly went back to high school when I used to use that term, with not so much affection.


Try it, it's fun. Did y'all ever use that term?

After my flash back, I started thinking of all the other expression/curse words I've used over the years.
dillweed (covered that one)

then I went a little further, with words that didn't work so much. Jerkweed, dillhead, assoff.

Yes, my brain really works like this. I know I me, it's a lost cause, my brain. LOL

welcome to Cell Block D

I got a a crazy hair up my ass on Sunday and decided to paint the very large yellow wall in my Living Room this (what I thought would be) a killer "pottery barnish" blue color.

Yeah, not so much.

It's like the inside of a jail now. NOT the effect I was going for. So I get to paint it again. Which

is fine. What I'm really not looking forward to doing is going back and fourth to Home Depot a billion times buying quart and quart of 'tester' paints until I find the exact right one.

But when it is done - it will rock!

everyone is doing it

I did my own little update on my sofa. Had to ya know, everyone else is doing it. Granted, I don't have beautiful brand new couches to share with everyone. And, according to Peter, the 8 year old SUPER crappy, was a POS when I bought it new, couch is good enough. Because, naturally, HE never sits in there.

So after I painted my wall (in color of the inside of a cell block D - come back tomorrow for that story) I decided to do a little sump'in to ole faithful. Got a 99 dolla dark brown slip cover from Target, and 4 KICK ASS tealish color pillows (also from Target) for 30% off! go me. It's no new couch, but for 150 bucks, including tax, at least it looks a teeny bit better.

Got some cool curtains too. The dorky, southwestern pottery fabric covered wood vallances are BYE BYE. Those aren't hung yet but, yeah, they rock. They were from Target after all :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i need to post

I realize.


I will soon, promise.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

my valentine's

Now that I officially have all three kids in school (or 'school' when I'm referring to daycare) I have a butt load of valentine thingies to give away. In true Michelle fashion, I left it till the 11th hour. Here's what I did last night

These are for Noah's class. I *try* not to make his girly. Kinda of hard for this holiday. But he approved. His were hand signed, by him, naturally. He did that at the bottom of the card. The couple you see here don't show that - he had to go to bed before I could finish printing them. told ya I waited till the last minute!

VD Count: 32 students, 3 teachers

The girls' are much easier as they are required to be girlie. Did a little work in Word. They're fun and were a big hit at 'school' LOL

VD count: 32 students and 2 teachers for Sarah, 12 students and 2 teachers for Kate, Plus school owner and director.

THAT'S 85 PEOPLE. feel sorry for me??? :)

Spent some bank at the grocery store for a bunch of crap for MY valentine's presents. It's become tradition to arrive with way too many ballons and cupcakes and gobs of pink crap designed to completely embarrass Peter. This year was no different. Even though he's has a new hoity toity position with a new company I've never actually been inside to see his office or meet his collegues. He admitted he thought (err hoped) I wouldn't come to the new place.

Yeah, he's silly. Of COURSE I came. I'm pretty sure he likes it, althought he'd never admit it.

This time I found ballons that SING! Seriously, the "main" balloon has a Barry White recording on it. CLASSIC!!! He also got a huge 'love bug' ballon with two smaller bug balloons on sticks (they all had eyes that moved inside) that I arranged in a pot of pink tulips to look as though they were kissing!!!!! (or humping depending on your viewing angle LMAO)

I also arrived with something like 6 dozen heart shaped cookies, standard balloons (that were color coordinated with the love bugs) a card and this dorky "I love you" heart-shaped snow globe that he'll have to keep on his desk forever. Or until *I* throw it away LMAO

I kill me :)


Monday, February 05, 2007

my list

Do y'all have a list? You know, the list of men (or women I suppose) that if came a'knockin on your door you'd leave your husbands as fast as your little feet could take you?

I do :)

Peyton Manning has always been on my list. he's yummy. YUMMM-MMMMMEEEEE And after the super bowl he's still there. He wants me, I just know it. Now he's got that big ole trophy he can show me like he's trying to impress me. I'd be totally interested and proud that my 'new man' did something so amazing! I'd polish it and make sure it had the perfect place in our lovely 8000 s.f. home overlooking the view of wherever his- ahem OUR house - overlooks. Our 2.4 kids would have straight A's and scouts would be interviewing them out of 3rd grade.....

WAKE UP GIRL! okay I'm back. sorry bout that.

You know who else is on my list? Prince. Yeppers, something about that man. I just wanna lick him. Him and Johnny Depp. :p

the list is longer than those 3. But I wouldn't wanna seem greedy LOL


I need a freaking nap! Aren't the weekends when you are supposed to catch up on stuff, like rest and relaxation? Where you are supposed to be calm and refocus on what's important? And like NOT WORK. Oh yeah, that's in lah lah land. Here on Planet Michelle there's nothing close to R&R happening.

Super busy weekend. Started Friday night when Kaelene came over and helped me kit my class that was only the very next morning. THANK YOU KK! Seriously could NOT have done it without her. She's a pure Godsend I tell ya!

Did the whole kit thing friday, mostly. Had a near nervous breakdown when we moved form my SB room to the living room so I could do my instructions on the computer. The kids made an especially nasty mess at dinner and the floor was, well, sticky and mushy at the same time. IT'S TILE people, no part of mush should be happening on tile. But alas, we line on Planet Michelle and the floor gets that way.

I just about lost my mind though, after nearly losing my shoe as it stuck to the floor. I had to take and scrape the floor clean. There is was, on all fours cursing like a sailor as I held back from bursting into tears. Nothing was sacred. Kids. house. Husband. They all got it. It wasn't pretty. Poor Kaelene just stood there not knowing whether to hug me or slap me across the face :)

The rest of the weekend went much more smoothly. did lots, y'all don't give a shit about the play by play though, so I won't bore you more than I already have ;)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

week two

Little update on Kate and Daycare. Today, day 8 of being in school, was the first day she didn't cry when I left. WOO HOOO!!!! She's not eating the school food yet which has them freaked out (well and me too a little bit) We'll see how long that lasts.

The house still feels very strange without her here. It still feels like she's just taking a nap. I'm handling it well otherwise. Getting lots done for work. I guess she really did take up a lot of time. She's cranky yet cuddly when I pick her up so we've started this "kate and mommy" time after work where she just snuggles up to me. It's pretty great :)

Nothing else new really. Just working - TONS!

peace out