Tuesday, May 29, 2007

cuteness from my brain

This is what I did at !Shanna's house last friday.

I'm such a liar. Neither of these pages are from MY brain. I copied them. Both from Creating Keepsakes, I'm pretty sure (don't have the mags with me now)

Even though I didn't come up with them, they're still mine and I Love them! And I had a great time, as per usual, with my Mas girls!

Journaling for first one - Remember when - reads:

I remember when you wore a tuxedo for the second time
(First, when I married Peter, and again, here, at your Dad's wedding)

I remember how you insisted that you dress yourself.
(All but the cufflinks and cumber bun)

I remember who was making you smile so cute.
(Peter was tickling your neck and sides)

I remember where we were during these pictures.
(On the front lawn neas the "tree of life")

I remember what a blessing you are you just by being you.
(Something I won't ever forget!)

the second might be hard to see but the strip above the word "style" says "almost in" :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

the sky is not falling!

I repeat, the sky is not falling. Nor is the end of the world near. All hell is not breaking loose. At least not in my little neck of the woods.

How do I know this, you ask? I know you're at the edge of your chair crazy with anticipation. I will relieve you of any further suspense.

Peter and I went shopping yesterday. We did A LOT of shopping. well. All lot of spending (on his part) anyway. Costco first, then Target. My two stores I USED to call my "hundred dollar stores" until I decided I'd be lucky (and pretty damn happy) to leave that place only a C-note down.

aaaaaanyway, we USED to have our routine of shopping with the kids in 100 degree heat down to the second. Not a moment wasted securing our purchases and buckling in the chillins. We must be out of practice after a long winter of perfect weather where the required get-in-the-car-as-fast-as-you-can-so-the-air-will-get-cold-quickly-so-we-don't-burst-into-flame techniques aren't necessary. I know we're out of practice because as we pulled into the garage I realized my purse wasn't with me.

Now, I won't say who (peter) was unloading the stuff (peter) from the cart or who's who's responsibility it was (peter) to make sure everything (peter) was out of there. No need to (peter) rub it in. Needless to say (okay maybe I let it slip a TEENY BIT) the purse wasn't with me.

Back to Target. This took exactly 18 hours and 23 minutes.
Back to where we parked. Which had the NOW EMPTY cart in front of the spot.
Back across the 100 acre parking lot to the store's entrance.

time stood still. Let me just explain my panic. I had my car keys and cheapo sunglasses. Other than that, everything was in my purse. I'd just cashed my last Bazzill check, so over 200 bucks cash was in there. My very expensive, practically a computer phone was in there. My 'get the most expensive blue tooth dealy' was in there. Two credit cards, bank card and ID were in there. OH! and killer D-backs tickets for this Saturday's game where in there. I guess when I write it out like that it's not my WHOLE life, but at the time, with the second ticking by like freaking molasses on a cold winter's day, it seemed like a boat load of stuff.

Time to face to music. It's gone, I just know it. No one could pass up the hundred dollar bills that I remembered I hadn't pushing in my wallet far enough so they were peeking out. The phone maybe. the tickets, maybe. But not 200 smackerooneys! Well someone DID pass it up. Someone, a young couple I'm told, turned it into the Target service counter. This couple didn't take a single thing. I'm pretty sure they didn't even peek in, as nothing seemed moved a bit (it's ordered chaos in there and I'd notice if someone straightened up LOL) Before you ask, no, they didn't leave their name, just my purse. I asked everyone at the counter, too. I wanted desperately to give them a reward. But nope. They just returned it and went about their day. How cool is that?!

So my faith in humanity is restored. Not that it really was all that tarnished. I don't tend to have The Chicken Little, sky is falling mentality. I don't buy into "gone are the good ole days" mind set. People are good. Always have been, always will be. There are a few bad ones, but for the most part, they rock. And I've got the 200 bucks, a kick ass phone and my blue tooth to prove it!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

the list

Here are all the sayings for my birthday heart, err, paint chip attack. They are in no order. I'm just pulling them out of the lead crystal vase they are proudly displayed in.

Most won't make any sense to anyone but the MAS girls. If you want an explanation let me know, I'll tell the story. Each one has one :) (and truth be told, I want to tell the story of every single one right now!)

Bite me!
Happy Birthday!

Happy day after your birthday!
So are you a crack maker or crack dealer?
I bet you thought we forgot!
We love your "colorful" language
Have you SEEN my keys?
Just trying to help you pick a wall color
Good thing Peter's peter is in the right place!
I swear! Hell yah!
Let's go to Outback tonight
Yummy: Peyton Manning

Is that your natural hair color?
Bloody hell! Another Bday!
Have a (diet) coke and a smile!
We're late since Shanna had to watch the Suns game...
Paint chips. Lots. Love them.
Are you calling me fat?
Happy Birthday!
"Michelle" doesn't really work with the name game. Michelle, Michelle do bichelle...that doesn't sound so hot
Are you feeling the birthday LOOVE?
Happy Birthday!
Thanks for making out lives more "colorful"
Woohoo! A winner!

CZ Stalker!!!
Don't put my baby to sleep!
Thanks for the dinner. Why don't you just drop it on the floor. (from me - I love them all but this might be my favorite...brings me right back to that oh so fun drop-food-on-the-floor-and-burst-into-tears moment)
Chomp Chomp Chunch
What about chocolate, peanut butter, coconut and macadamia nut crack?
Birthday. So delightful.
SCADS...that's all I have to say
My MAS friends are the bomb!

I have the best friends!
Blog Nazi says: You'd better blog about this
Yes, I can watch Kate!
If you were on Survivor, we would so vote for you!

We're late because Maddy & Sadie's unflexible feeding schedule...
Ice addict
We're late since Mike was in Wickenburg
Any duplicates yet
Ice Ice baby!
Sing it, Elton!
Did you REALLY think that we would forget about you?!?!?
Have fun. PLAY. (I know how much you hate that word)
Happy Birthday!
Is George Michael your Father Figure?
I would LICK Captain Jack cleeean!
Thanks for the sticks
I planned ahead & wrote mine a few at a time so my hand wouldn't hurt.
Have you lost your keys for the week yet?
You are lookin' fine!
You are a goddess!
Did you think we were *that* lame?
Is it your birthday???
Had birthday. Ate cake. Delightful.
You have very weird friends.
Quick!! Let's stop at Taco Bell!
Book? What book? *You're* writing a book? I had no idea.

We. Don't. Spoon!
Can you feeel the loooove toooo-niiight?
I swear...
We're late because one of Beth's kids had another sports event...
You kwow what I could use right now? Some ice chips :)
Bow Chicka Bow Wow

6 trips to Target and no skewers
*WINNER* Just kidding. there's nothing to win
(okay maybe I was wrong - THIS ONE is killer funny/clever/perfect/favorite!)
Don't you think we're Heee-larious?
(written on a super dark blue chip) Can you even read this?
Happy Birthday!
WHAT is that smell? sniff sniff smells like Easter Eggs
I've got CPS on my speed dial
HBTY haha! figure out what that means (and no, I haven't!)
Walk like an Egyptian...
Let's just call this color "dillweed"

PHEW!! that's every single one of them. After, of course, the front row of sticks that said H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y M I C H E L L E

Pretty clever huh? I love you girls!!! Thanks again!

Friday, May 18, 2007

not that y'all didn't already know


Pretty much knew it was coming. I mean, I realize it's 'wrong' to expect someone to do something for you birthday. But let's be real, we did Shanna's two days ago. It'd be almost mean to really stop at me :) And these people are too good to be cruel :)

Kerry, Beth, Maddy, and Shanna heart attacKed my house last night. This has become quite a wonderful tradition between us. Each birthday (and sometimes even 'fake' birthdays) we do something clever and personal and purely hysterical. Their idea for me - which *I* thought might be hard - because I'm SO hard to make fun of (bwhaha) was PAINT CHIPS! A spin off of when I painted my wall in the living room like a freaking jail cell. PERFECT!

These girls are GOOD!!!

They chipped in and got me a pedicure at a local spa. YUM!!! This is desparately needed. I won't even think about if *they* noticed it's needed. I'll just happily take and and get them tooties purdied up. :)

Then, to top it off. In reference to this debate Maddy gave me the two pairs of pants she was going to toss. SOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!

Have I mentioned that I love these girls!? seriously! I don't deserve you guys. Thanks for putting up with me and making me feel super duper special!

I'll post some of the sayings that are written on the paint chips. I'd do it now but I'm leaving them out there for a while longer. They make me happy. And I'm not too proud to show off my amazingly cute lawn.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's my berfday :)

This is my Easter lamb pez dispenser that I 'stole' form the girls and who usually hangs out with me at my desk and waves HI! He makes me smile so I thought I'd share him on 'my' day.

Happy birthday to me!

(and yes...I'm shamlessly announcing that today is my birthday. I figure if I don't enbrace it now, I never will. 38 is a lotta years to try'n embrace. The little gasp followed by a bit GULP reminded me of how hard it is to embrace!)

Monday, May 14, 2007

24 hours of perfection!

I know I'm not alone when I says My "day" ROCKED. We all have some pretty kick ass families and I'm confident you, too, were properly pampered on Mother's Day. But seriously, I looooooooooooved every second of it. I'll break it down:

The girls woke at 5:30, as usual, and rather than having to get up I tapped Peter and he jumped out of bed, "I've got'em" he said. sweeeeet. Went back to sleep until 10ish when I got up long enough to drink the Diet Coke waiting for me in the fridge. Downed that and back to bed. till noon! NOON PEOPLE. I literally slept the morning away without interruption. without hearing screams in the background. And without having a 102 temp (sorry shanna!)

noon. How I love noon. That, it itself would have been enough. But you know it doesn't end there.

* The girls were perfect, playing nicely outside (Noah was with his Dad)
* I laid on the couch in my jammies watching mindless TV and playing the breaker game on my phone.
* My brother came over along with one of Sarah's friends from school and we all went swimming.
* Peter took us to Outback Steakhouse. I totally dig that place.
* We came home to my favorite ice creak (moose tracks) that P bought special for me.

I dunno, it was just a great day. Peter went out of his way to make me feel special and taken care of. Throughout the day he did little teeny things, little thoughtful things. Like bring me a donut and glass of milk for no reason. Like get me a beer while waiting at Outback without being asked. Of course, bringing me flowers, which is does so well.

My kids were amazing too. All cute and cuddly. Each made me a cute something from school. and they all kept hugging on me and wishing me a happy day. Even this morning they "slept in" until 6:35. Which was a killer way to start my Monday.

I know Peter was really stressed that he didn't have time to "get" me anything big. He usually does but with traveling so much (he left again this morning) it just wasn't happening. I was totally okay with it. And seriously, there isn't any 'thing' that I'd want more than the kind of day I had.

He is making me an appointment for a massage. That rocks my socks off too!!! :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

haven't had much to say

I haven't blogged much mainly because I haven't had crap to say. I'm busy. We're all busy. I've been sick. who hasn't? Peter's gone, again. Nothing special. But for me it's been kinda....crappy. So in an effort not to put my bitching in type I've just been quiet. But today, while at the Mother's Day Party at Noah's school something happened that was worth talking about. And didn't involved complaining.

Each child wrote a poem and then read it in front of the entire class (and all the moms) This was Noah's.

Now, he's no literary genius. Pretty sure I know where he got that LOL But this is extra special. It's an Acrostic Poem and the word (der) is MOTHER. What's sweet is "t" - Two Moms. It made me feel so damn good to know that he included Angela (his step-mom) in his thoughts about Mother's Day.

I suppose some would be freaked. Had you told me this wouldn't chap my hide 8 years ago I'd have for sure said you were crazy. Two moms??? That's GOT to be insulting, right?

naahh.... he does. He's blessed to have two families. Two moms. Two dads. countless cousins. Loving aunt's and uncles. He's truly loved. And I'm loved by him. That's got to feel good.

To make this poem even cooler I was able to show Angela. She picked him up at school and I dropped by while she was in the carpool lane. (I did have 'official' bizness of dropping of his baseball uniform lest you think I drove across town just to show her this) I explained about the poems and pointed out the "two moms" part. She got all choked up. It's was kick ass. She was so touched. I couldn't help but feel good for having shown her.

She was super cute, too, asking if I was okay with that. HELL YEAH I am, I assured her.

I'm his Mom. I'm confident in that. I don't see myself getting demoted LOL And, besides, there's certainly enough love in his heart to go around.

So that's what I have to say right now. My kiddo rocks! And he's got two - kick ass - moms!


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

you sure I'm not blonde?

wow, what a day. While I'm not grumpy about it, I'm glad it's nearly over. I just wrote out this mamoth post giving y'all the play by play of aggravating events that made up my day. I'm deleting all but one. I'll leave you with my dumb ass moment of the day.

After I get Noah off to school I load the girls into the van to drop them off. Click. click. click. T
hat's the only sound the damn thing was making. Dead battery. Must have hit 100 degrees yesterday. I always lose my battery first day the temp rises.

No biggie. I've got Peter's truck and jumper cables. right? WRONG. Can't find the cables. Call Peter, no answer. Call bro, he's in Maricopa. Call Peter, again and again and again. Call one of the guys from work. Here's how that convo went. It's 8:03am, he's been there 3 minutes. haha
Me: Hey Carlos, My car is dead, Peter's out of town, you think you can come jump me?
Carlos: Huh? what?
Me: I have a dead car and Peter's truck, but no cables. Can you help me?
Carlos: So you have two cars? why can't you drive the other one?
Me: HAHAHAHAH yeah. no shit huh? DERR! nevermind.

Felt like a complete moron!

It all ended well. I took the girls to school in Peter's truck and, after some begging, borrowed a set of cables. Called my brother and he walked me through jumping the car without blowing myself to smithereens. All before 8:30am.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Well I'll for sure mess this up! I've been tagged by Lisa and the rules say you give 7 little known facts about yourself and then tag 7 people. BWHWHWHAAA good one. Like I know 7 people who haven't already been tagged. Oh well...I'll try.

I eat the same breakfast every single day, for months on end. Right now it's a Sausage Egg Biscuit from Mickey D's. Before that it was the Chibata breakfast sandwich from Jack in the Box, before that french toast sticks. On and on and on. I'll eat something until I can't possibly eat another, and then I'm never able to eat it again.

I'm a slow reader. Love to do it, but I'm slow at it.

I hate swimming in the ocean. Like looking at it, think it's truly amazing (can't watch a sunset without tearing up) but I don't like the salt water and I'm afraid of the waves. WELL! Except for the beaches at St. Thomas. I could live IN that water.

I pull at my eyelashes when I tired. I used to do it all the time, as a stress reliever. For some reason I stopped that, but still do it when I'm ready for bed. So you can always tell when I really need to go to sleep, I start effing with my lashes.

I am riddled with self-doubt and often wonder why people put up with my bullshit.

I refuse to be sad, or to mourn, on the anniversary of my Mother's death. I wish she were her. I wish I could talk to her again. But I know I will, someday. I know I'll see her again. She's always been one step ahead of me anyway, so to me she's just doing things now that someday I'll do too.

I found that I'm pretty much an open book and coming up with things that few people know is really hard.

Here are the next victims.
Beth (sorry girl! but I left ya Mo and Jamie and Karan. How nice am I??? haha)
Angelia (are you still out there??)
Yea, that's all I got.