Thursday, January 31, 2008


3.7? Doesn't look like a big number does it? But for me, today, it's a ginormous number. That's 3.7 GIG BAY-BEEEE. That's the size of the book, which I must add, WAS JUST UPLOADED TO THE PRINTER!!! Okay just might be a stretch as it actually took over 5 hours. But it's there. Ready to go. I will have the official, no more changes, this is it, GIT R DONE, proof on the 8th. Let's assume a couple days lost with final final final edit and 4 weeks for printing, a week shipping, where does that leave me? I think that puts me at having the book IN MY HANDS READY TO ***SELL*** Mid-March.

I could pee my pants!!!! I could die. I could have a heart attack. I AM hyperventilating and I think I did just pee a little.

Here's some picks. You've seen the front before but who cares. Yer seeing it again dang it. And it won't be the last time I'm sure!!! OOOHHH!! And the site will be working soon and taking pre-orders <---did I just say that!? hahaha

holy crap - this is really happening!! :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

totally, completely random thoughts

Yo Yo Yo. Been forever (again) yeah. sorry bout that. I'd say it won't happen again but we all know I'd be lying my tail off huh?

Don't really have much to blog about. At least not much that's fun and exciting. Been busy (like everyone else) and just trying to keep my head above water. BUT I have had a couple random thoughts I thought I'd share:

* I love Super easy site to verify all that sillyness (and sometimes not so silly) email we tend to get. Verified an amber alert was false yesterday. This was cool for two reasons. One - and most important - the girl in the report wasn't actually missing. and Two - I didn't forward a fake email to my friends and cause them to be sad about the thought of this missing girl. And you know you would have been freaked! :) Silly but I always been kinda cool and super efficient when I check something out on there. Kinda how I used to feel when I'd find something (or purpose) in the old school card catalog in the library. Yes, I'm wacked.

* The Cold Stone by my house is closed. SADNESS! I won't say this will help the size of my ass as I'm sure I'll find another place to shove frozen goodness in my face, but still, nothing is like sweet cream and raspberries.

* well Mint Oreos gives cold stone a run for its money. Those pretty much kick sweet butt!!! Nearly made myself sick yesterday LOL

* Ever do something so often that you forget why you even started doing it? Of course you do. The one I just realized I do is my search for a murphy bed. I go on craigslist all the time searching for one. Have for years. (who knew one would be so hard to fine?!) I just went again I realized I don't need to anymore. I wanted one so I could have a queen size bed for when my dad stays here but still have room my the girl's little beds when he's not here. ugh. so much for that need.

* My book is back in the works. For reals this time. I hope to be able to overnight the CD to the printer this week. SCARY!!! I figure I have to get it done. The look on my dad's dying face when I told him the book was dedicated to him and mom was/is my motivation to get the damn thing finished. I can't remember the last time I saw his face light up like that. So that's great motivation. Well that and the printer calling, and my investor writing a check!! haha More on that soon!!!

eee gads, thought I had more to say. Guess not. Sorry this is kinda a downer post. Such is my life right now. As my dad always said, "this too shall pass"

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


happy 2008!!!

Hanging with hubby on the dawn of the new year. Pretty cool. Here's to a couple things I've been thinking about for the new year. NOT resolutions, per say, but, well, thoughts. Not committing to actually doing all of them. But - at least - THINKING about them. (I say that knowing full well that I would just LOVE being to do everything all the time - I just know me - right? so nuff said!)

---Praying for Dick Clark. Dude, seriously, how did I miss his stroke? Saw him tonight for, I guess, the first time in forever and wow...not good. I don't mean any disrespect but it bums me out seeing him so not the ageless Dick Clark I grew up with.

---holding my own on Wii tennis. I've got High jump, skeet, bowling and archery down. Tennis has been tricking me up and peter like rocks at it (go figure - dude's never even held a racket!)

---Not becoming addicted to Red Bull and Vodka. that's some good shit there yo.

---FINISHING. THIS. DAMN. BOOK. seriously. are we ready to start shooting people over this thing. I have until the end of January to get it to the printer. If I don't...well someone's going down. That's all I gots to say.

---texting my high school friend Marnie who is so kick ass it's frightening. She doesn't even know I have this blog so I'm not kissing her ass. I've just missed her for like 20 freaking years and it's great being reconnected with her. I wish everyone could know her.

---scrapbooking for myself. for. my. damn. self. Not for the book, or project, or class. shit - not even for my kids. but for ME. and well then maybe for my kids. Cuz dems like killer cute!!!!

---getting back to life without my dad. being able to open my heart enough to truly feel his wisdom and strength. That goes for my mom too.

---on the same dad note - praying for his new wife, Melanie, who's having a very hard time with his passing. bless her heart. To getting to know her better and finding strength in each other.

---kid pitch baseball practices and games which start next week.

---getting the tree down.

---getting back to work after 11 days off. This is BY FAR going to be the hardest of all these things.

---letting my friends know how much I appreciate them.

---not slipping into the 'comfort' zone with my brother where we forget (or neglect) to tell each other every time we talk that we love one another. To remember we both need (want) to hear it and can't wait for some to die to say it.

---getting my disgusting carpets cleaned. dude, seriously, white carpets are WHACK.

k. bout it. Peter's out of the shower and I do believe I'll go play "would you rather" with him.

love you people. seriously. I say it, but not enough. Happy new Year!!!!!!! My life it SO MUCH better because of you.