Monday, February 25, 2008

equal time

She makes me just has happy :) Here are just 3 of her many faces. Our children are nothing if not animated.

"Yeah, I'm cute and I know it. Go ahead, try not to smile."

"oh wait, what's going on up there. Daddy telling me how cute I am?"

"yeah, I'm pretty much done with this now, Mom"

The boy is coming soon. Got the pics all picked out and everything :) But wouldn't want to use up all my bloggin ideas now would I? OH! and I scrapbooked the other day! There's another post. Go me! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

just cuz

she makes me happy...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

NOT about the book

Howdy! Hope y'all have had a good weekend. It's sunday night and I'm winding down, getting ready for bed, and trying to prepare myself for another work week. I'm pretty much killing time right now while peter finishes folding laundry and puts it all away, uncovering the bed. If I go in there now I'll have to help - so here I blog.

Had a great weekend and figured I'd come talk about it. I managed to get a lot done even while coping with the rebounding depression/anxiety that was probably more than obvious a couple posts ago. Peter and I hung out a lot, too, which is always fun. During a conversation about 'connecting' we (well probably me) decided we should read together again. Like with Harry Potter. My friend, Angie Angie, told me about a new book series out about a vampires. I think she even posted about it. Anyway, we hit Barnes and Noble for material for our newly founded book club.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer was our first selection. And a damn good one it was. I started right away and, well, finished today. I pretty much couldn't put it down. Peter hasn't even started yet. So much for buying 2 books so we could read at the same time! haha This is a great story and I'm anxious to read the next book, New Moon. I do feel like I've joined the rest of the free world with my love for a hansome young/not-so-young vampire named Edward.

When I wasn't reading, or at Costco, or playing with the kiddos, I was editing. But I promised this wouldn't be about that :)

Earily, I was feeling semi-cerebral, reading an entire book and all (we won't dwell on the fact that it's found in the youth section!) My brainiac mood was quickly dampened with our (well Peter's) Sunday night TV show selection - The new Night Rider. Kill me. Two freaking hours!!! Are you kidding me? But in an effort to continue our "togetherness" I hung out with him while it was on. I am terribly embarrassed to say I liked it. hahaha i feel dumber even admiting that. But it's true. I was entertaining. And heck, what's not entertaining about watching a tucked and taped, spray painted and hair plugged Hoff! That's good TV right there, yo.

Friday, February 15, 2008

it's coming

it really is. promise.

What you see here is the final proof from the printer. Normally this is the very last step. But, being a little teeny (stupid ass) baby in this process I had mucho corrections from this proof - so we're doing it again. After this it's a digital proof and then TO PRINT!!!

I realize this is getting boring, talking of nothing else but this damn book. When you get bored with it, imagine you are Peter. That should take the sting away for at bit, at least.

I've loved many things in my life, but dang, how this tops the list. My husband is truly the love of my life. no doubt. My kids fill my heart to an unmeasurable amount of joy. Wouldn't trade them for anything. But this book. ahhh..this book. I've never loved an inanimate object as much as this book. I love it more and more with every glance. It makes my heart (literally) skip a beat when I think of it.

I pray y'all like it.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

it's been awhile

Lots going on over here. Figured I'd give a little recap lest y'all think I only think about the book.

---the day---
Today is my 'emotional' day. That's what I call it. You know. The day that makes us want to kill our husbands. The day that makes are husbands wish we'd actually do it. The day that seems gloomy even when it's 70 degrees with a bright blue sky and a mild breeze from the east. The day when even hummingbirds piss you off.

that's today. And it seems like it will always be like this. Forever and ever I'll hate the smell of dryer sheets and heated up leftovers. Forever and ever I'll hate the phone, and email and even the net.

Every stinking month I have a day like this - NEVER THE SAME DAY - mind you. Can't be like 3 days before bitchy aunt flo comes. or 2 weeks after.'s complete random. You'd think I'd learn and not freak out every damn time. Nope. It's random enough that when my chest feels as though it's been sucked of all blood and oxygen that it still takes much too much time to figure out that it's because of soon to arrive company and NOT because I've lost it. PHEW!

Then tomorrow I'll wake up and everything will be fine. I'll apologize to Peter and the kids for being grumpy and we'll all go about our day...until the next day ;)

---the girl---
On to fun things. I've decided to teach Sarah how to bead. We all went to Michael's (even Peter!) and picked up her own tools and beads n'stuff. Haven't started yet but I'm totally excited. I've finall admitted (well with the help of my new friend Mr. Shrink!) that I've done a fair amount of neglecting when it comes to my middle baby doll.

Sarah was a little peanut while I was pregnant with Kate...and didn't get much of me. Then while I lost my mind NO ONE got much of me. Then she turned 3 and that age scares the crap out of me so I kept my distance. And now she's half way through 4 and I need to snap out of it. She's an amazing, funny, goofy child who constantly makes me smile. So it's my turn to make her smile some. I'll do my best to post pictures of her work :)

Speaking of Sarah, she's taking her 'assessment' for Kindergarten in a couple weeks. I'm pretty sure she isn't ready for kinder. You have to be a full 5 year old DEVELOPMENTALLY to be able to attend and, with being a late summer baby and all, I just don't think she's quite there. But we'll see. Won't break our hearts if she needs to wait. "The gift of Time" they call it. A concept I embrace.

Got the proof back from the printer. I LOVE IT. I damn near put chocolate sauce on it and ate the damn thing. IT'S THAT YUMMY!!! We did have a crazy snaphooey (sp???) which meant a LOT of changes. The printer will get back with me tomorrow on if he'll make them or if I need to. Either way is fine but it will stall things about a week. My web guy FINALLY called me back and that's getting finished. Met with the bank for merchant services and got that hammered out. Need to meet with Fed EX, UPS and USPS this week to get rates. Need to finalize negotionations with fullfillment. AND THEN I NEED TO MARKET THIS THING :))) It'll get there. Be patient with me. It should be worth it!

I'll leave you with this gem. Something y'all probably know, but in case you don't I'll do you this little service. Doing the dishes after 3 days is not only completely nasty but REALLY FREAKING HARD!!!

That's all for now!