Tuesday, April 08, 2008

as much as I love his face, it's time for something


I don't have much to say. k, that's a load of crap. I've got TONS to say, but can't really cuz "the" site isn't up and working right yet. But as soon as it is you better believe I'll be all up in your face!

If y'all are wondering what I've been up to, and I know you have(n't) it's been all about the book. I GOT IT!!!!! A week ago yesterday a semi with FIVE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY POUNDS - that's 2 1/2 TONS people - of lifted arrived at my door. crrrrazy!!! Been working on getting all the crap (and crap it is) figured out so I can PROPERLY handle this business.

My husband, the accountant, has laid down the law. NO MORE paying for stupid shit from the business account. Track all expenses. Keep receipts Keep receipts keep receipts (sense a pattern?) Don't do this. Can't do that. People go to jail over that. Our house in on the line. imPOtant shit - I tell ya.

So I've been a good little doobie and had even helped customize the P&L statement (don't even ask - no clue - I'm just regurgitating here) It's been kinda fun - I won't lie. I've developed invoices, and wholeaccount thingiamagigers, and something else that must have been important but has left my brain. All in all it's been very businessy over here. And you all know just how businessy I am. BAH!

So batten down the hatches. the book is here. it's like freaking real people. and I'm the hooker that's gotta sell'em!