Wednesday, February 28, 2007

so, anyone hiring?

yeah, wondering if I'll be needing to start hitting the pavement again soon. I yelled at my boss this morning in our (new - let's make the office a happier better place) weekly meeting. Felt necessary at the time, but now I'm feeling foolish for getting emotional.

stupid girly emotions.

Men have it better, I think, when it comes to controlling this shit. Men don't tend to choke when confronted or take offense at a statement of fact.

I do. Sometimes more so than others. My stupid Aunt Flo is here (not that you needed to know that) so today was one of those days where my emotion got the better of me. stupid girly emotions.


Lisa said...

well insert the word husband for boss and you have my day!!!

Anonymous said...

Could it be the full moon? I've had quite the week, myself! Wednesday I thought (and even wished, at one point) that I was going to die from that achy-headachy-feverish feeling that you either have to sleep through or stay awake and cry! My husband said, "I thought your twin ended up in the wrong house -- you were not my Kaelene last night!" And, I've been crabby with him, on top of that! It's gotta be the full moon! -- Kaelene

Beth said...

Sorry you had a rotten day. :(
I hope it's all in the past!

As for your boss- is he married? If so, you're covered. ;)