Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today Noah is 9. I can hardly believe it. I know everyone says their children are miracles, and we all are right, but this (not so) little boy has truly changed my life. He's made me a better person. He's made me more thankful. He saved me from myself. All by just being.

So this post is just for you, Bear. Thanks babe, for being you. I hope you have a terrific day!!! To copy what my super smart and clever friends do, ere are NINE things that I adore about you - in on particular order.

1. You are super compassionate. Even as a little baby you cared when others were hurt or sad and would do your best to comfort them. You've already seen Mommy in some pretty sad places and you've always known exactly how and to comfort me. I truly believe this is your most valuable asset.

2. You have the best manners ever. Everyone compliments you about how gracious you are. I sometimes even get the credit for it. While I wish I could take that credit, I have to say that's just how you are. You actually care to be polite. I've helped, but you pretty much came out that way.

3. You try your best at everything you do. Even those things that don't come easily for you, you try. We've talked about this, I don't expect perfection from you. I just expect that you try, and you (pretty much always) do.

4. You love your sisters and include them in your life. No, wait, You LIKE your sisters. That's almost more important. You are prone to love them because you are related, it takes a decision on your part to like them and want to spend time with them. Next to Daddy, you will be the most important boy in their life. Some might worry about this, but I'm confident you won't have a problem living up to that role.

5. You prefer vanilla ice cream over any other flavor, just like me. Add caramel and we're in heaven. I can't wait until our next one-on-one Dairy Queen Trip.

6. You can throw a hard, straight, perfectly aimed ball from short stop to first base for the out! Who am I kidding? You can do pretty much anything on the baseball field!

7. You a major goodball, and proud of it! I love it when you and I goof off in the car, laughing our heads off!

8. You let me take pictures of you whenever I want. You sit for me while I test out photoshoot settings and only complain a little bit about it (and you don't charge me!)

9. You love everyone, and allow them to love you. You are always the kid everyone likes and wants to hang with but yet, you would never brag about that. If would never know by talking with you that you had a ton of friends. You have a way of making the person you are with feel like they are the most important person in the room. Funny thing is, you have no idea that you do that. Which makes it all the better.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Say hello to my little friend

Okay, so this oh so cute little guy doesn't live with me, but he should! Found him somewhere on etsy and saved his photo for this very post.


Monday, March 10, 2008

more equalnicity

here's Noah...man how much I love him. This look...it's the look of him. This is the real him when he's not running around, flopping, throwing, screaming, tackleing, jumping, or rolling. Pure Noah. How one child can be so damn energetic and so compassionate is beyond me. Not that this picture displays either trait, but trust me, he's both.


And here's the energy honed in on one thing. This pic is about a month old. I need to get a new one with this movement corrected. This was his "easy going doing it for the sportmanship" NYS league. Pretty laid back for a boy who's play 3 year previous but still great practice for the more intense kid-pitch league.

Noah's now is 'real' little league. Like Little League. We are very fortunate to have an amazing set of coaches who really know the game and how to teach it. our boy is so very coachable and is taking it all in like the sponge that he is. I'll have to have a series on this new and improved wind up. It's pretty damn cool.

And with that I feel all is equal in expressing-my-love-for-my-children-in-pictures blogging. I wonder who I'll favor next :)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

super random crap

So Noah's sitting on the floor at the coffee table diligently doing his spelling homework. I'm sitting right here at the computer dilignetly doing, well, not a damn thing, when I hear "BURP...oh...didn't see that one coming...excuse me" Didn't skip a beat. Didn't look up. Just went on writing out his words. Freaking cracked me up.

Of course, now that's he done it 5 times since it's not so cute. Gotta love almost-9-year-old-boy humor.

Here are some things I found on Etsy (while diligently doing nothing) that made me laugh.


Found this in the "house warming gift section" Now I ask does this really say "hi, I'm your new neigher, nice to meet you" or does it say something like “thanks for moving in, dickhead”


This was in the "wedding gift section"...yeah. thanks a lot...a gift card from target too good for ya? Does this really say congratulations to the bride and groom? Or “I’ll love you until I suck every last little drop of life out of you, leaving you a mere shell of your former self, dried up and hanging till someone flushes you down the toilet.”


And this...really? why??? Are people really have problems with their produce catching a chill???


And finally...anyone ever watch Southpark? okay if you haven't then nevermind. But if you did, doesn't think look like spanky and his gay lover on a stick???? Man, ruined popsickles for me forever.

And that's my random crap for the day!

Monday, March 03, 2008


Kaelene tagged me. So here are seven things you may not know about me.

1. I love being tagged. Prolly cuz I get to talk about myself :)

2. I played the trumpet in high school. Was pretty good, too. I was all about music while in school. No, don't ask me to play now, couldn't do it, forgot everything.

3. I am crazy about boxes. Any shape or size or purpose (or lack thereof). I love them all. I tend not to by them, though. Ever. Really just out of fear that once I buy one I'll buy thousands and my house will be taken over by useless boxes, all too small to live in after spending all my money and they forclose on my house.

4. One of the things I love best about Peter is that he thinks I'm funny! Not only does he GET my jokes, but he laughs his ass off at them.

5. There was a (rather huge) part of me that never really thought I would finish the book. Always lingering in my mind - every second I worked on it - was that question on why I was pushing so hard. Why bother? cuz I wasn't going to actually get it done. I always wanted to, just didn't think I would really be able to. I've, quite honestly, never been more proud of myself for having done it.

6. While I playing pitcher and catcher for the high school fast pitch softball team (not at the same time) I am not terrified of catching, err missing, balls. I freaked out just the other day when trying to play catch with Noah. This is one I need to work on.

7. I can't stand taking showers. Love being clean. Just don't much like the process of getting there.

well that's it. suppose I need to tag 7 other people but Kaelene took them all LOL So I'll just tag the same ones she did :)