Monday, February 05, 2007


I need a freaking nap! Aren't the weekends when you are supposed to catch up on stuff, like rest and relaxation? Where you are supposed to be calm and refocus on what's important? And like NOT WORK. Oh yeah, that's in lah lah land. Here on Planet Michelle there's nothing close to R&R happening.

Super busy weekend. Started Friday night when Kaelene came over and helped me kit my class that was only the very next morning. THANK YOU KK! Seriously could NOT have done it without her. She's a pure Godsend I tell ya!

Did the whole kit thing friday, mostly. Had a near nervous breakdown when we moved form my SB room to the living room so I could do my instructions on the computer. The kids made an especially nasty mess at dinner and the floor was, well, sticky and mushy at the same time. IT'S TILE people, no part of mush should be happening on tile. But alas, we line on Planet Michelle and the floor gets that way.

I just about lost my mind though, after nearly losing my shoe as it stuck to the floor. I had to take and scrape the floor clean. There is was, on all fours cursing like a sailor as I held back from bursting into tears. Nothing was sacred. Kids. house. Husband. They all got it. It wasn't pretty. Poor Kaelene just stood there not knowing whether to hug me or slap me across the face :)

The rest of the weekend went much more smoothly. did lots, y'all don't give a shit about the play by play though, so I won't bore you more than I already have ;)


sunnyyang813 said...
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kdawg. K. Kerry said...

Yes, but was your weekend *delightful?*

LMBO at the sticky and mushy floor! How do kids do that?? Plus I just have this visual of your shoe getting stuck. :)

I didn't hear the SOS sent out the other night for class kitting! You know how much I love doing that!