Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i suck

The tooth fairy didn't come last night.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

people are funny

and by funny I mean "dumbasses who don't listen"

okay, I'll be fair. Not all people are "funny" just those who work at DirecTV. Oh HELL, not even all those people are "funny". But for sure the last 5 people I've dealt with are.

Part of the scrapbook room remodel included getting cable (er, satellite) in that room. This required a call to DirecTV. I'm not normally one to complain about service people like this. Hell, they are just trying to make a buck like the rest of us. Nor does the whole outsourcing to India really effect me too much. Or so I thought.

This call lasted 45 minutes and required 5 transfers. Still not sure why I was transferred so many times but it seemed I was always in the wrong department. Finally in the right department I was given the choice of:
a.) a standard receiver for 50 bucks.
b.) a HD receiver with DVR for 99 bucks. or
c.) a DVR HD receiver for 399 bucks.

yeah...see a problem there???? I tried to figure out what 300 extra bucks got me which only led to the explanation of what a DVR is, "with a DVR you can pause and rewind live TV". This, I knew.

It's not so much that I couldn't understand what she was saying. It was English. There wasn't even much of an accent. So it was clear English to boot. The problem was I didn't think she knew what she was saying. And clearly she didn't understand what I meant when I asked (like 742 times) "what's the difference between the $100 DVR and the $400 DVR?" She just heard "DVR" and flipped her script to the DVR tab and read whatever it said, whether it made a lick of sense or not.

I opted for the standard $50 version and got scheduled for 5 weeks from next Wednesday between 3am and 12 midnight. Nice! Asking if I could get in earlier she said no. BUT, if I called this special number tomorrow I could reschedule. cool. FINALLY I'm off the phone.

Call the next day and get scheduled four days out, which included the weekend. HOORAY! That's some special damn number. :)

This brings us to today. My scheduled installation day. The guy is nice enough and I explain the room is on the complete opposite side of where the satellite is. This is a pain in the ass and we discuss the best route for the cable. In the eaves at the back of the house, then down the side wall to the room. Then he says, "you got the DVR upgrade right?" But you can shoot me now.

He calls dispatch, they wrote the work order up wrong. This would be fine except he only has one receiver on his truck - the DVR one. So he's got to go back to the warehouse and get another one. I have nothing to do right? So I wait some more.

He returns. While driving he must have thought a bit more about my install. He says, "I'm going to run the cable in the attic." This would be perfect, IF WE HAD AN ATTIC. I tell him we've got no attic space through the middle of our house. "Can I take a look anyway?" he says.

Sure, knock yourself out.

10 minutes later he declares, "I can do it, I just did it" He's SOPPING wet but he made it. He crawled his scrawny ass all the way through the roof joists to the other side of the house. Hey! Whatever's easier for ya pal.

Funny, I tell ya.

Good thing he didn't die up there or anything cuz my fat ass isn't even getting up the poorly installed pulldown ladder much less pulling some 5-foot-nothing-passed-out-mexican-dude out of my roof joists!

In the end, it's all good. I have TV in my scrapbook room. For this I'm super excited. Here's to the funny people who don't understand English but speak in fluently. And to mexican dudes willing to crawl around in my 'attic' in 115 degree heat so I can feel connected to the outside world. And to watching even 'funnier' people on my reality TV while scrappin'!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

okay I'm ready to go back to work

WOW! did we have a busy weekend. Let me break it down.

Friday night:
Went to dinner with Kaelene. After Chili's (yum!) we went to Michael's and Home Depot to pick up paint and a couple little things for the room. Then home to scrap. Which I didn't do. I continued to organize and purge. I got 2 massive bags full of stuff that I was to 'put away' actually put away. That felt good! Now all I have to do is my bag of ribbon (ahem - kerry? You busy????)

I started on the room bright and early ( 9:45am early???) Got the 2 walls painted the new blue color. Now I have 2 green walls and 2 blue walls. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT. Got the room put back together just in time to jump in the shower and head off to My brother's house for UFC (that's Ultimate Fighting Championship for those who are less barbaric than us LOL)

Got up WAY too early for my. Peter was a slave driver and pulled us out to Costco. This was a challenge for me because honestly, my goal for sunday is to not shower at all! hahaha So the trip was SO worth is as I found this KICK ASS bookcase for the scrapbook room. it's super cheap and GORGEOUS! I'm hoping to pick it up tomorrow. We also found a new dresser for the girls' room. Then came home and started cleaning like crazy. We (yes we, Peter actually helped) cleaned the FRIDGE! amazing stuff that is! So house is all sparkly then I finally sat down and edited the photos I took of my friend and her fiance for their invitation. I just finished that and they are on their way over right now to pick up the CD.

PHEW! I'm tired and sore. My room is so awesome. I can't wait to finish it up 100% so I can post some pictures. The house is clean so y'all can actually come over and pick through these goodies. Good thing y'all didn't last week cuz more got put in there.

that's all for now :)

Friday, August 25, 2006

is this bad?

okay. here we y'all remember how a couple months ago I discovered I screwed up when Peter noticed I scheduled myself to teach THREE classes on his birthday? Remember how mad he was at me and how I found subs for all three of them? Remember how he was disgusted with me that I didn't hear "a little bell ring in my head" when I scheduled on that date?

well....yesterday, as I was finishing up kitting my class for THAT NIGHT, we both got an email from his sister congratulating us on 4 years of marriage. YUP!!! That's right. WE BOTH totally forgot it was our wedding anniversary!!! hahahahhaa and to top it off I was teaching that night!!! Not a single bell went off in my head (well they did but I've come to ignoring them because, well, they're just loud LOL)

We got a good laugh out of it. What's even more pathetic is that it wasn't the first time we'd forgotten. We missed our second one as well.

Peter thinks it's great because he knows he'll NEVER get in trouble for forgetting this one. And I think it's hysterical that I, as the sensitive woman of the house, forget the date as well.

So there you have it, 4 years of wedding bliss. Quiet, uncelebrated bliss. :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

as promised!

Here's a little peek into some of what's leaving my scrapbook room. Where it goes I don't care. It's just gotta go!
I never leave my house (it seems) so if y'all want to come over this week just call and we'll make arrangements. I'll hold on to it for 1-2 weeks then it's going to Goodwill (or to school to the trash)

I haven't forgotten

I really am going to post pictures of the goodies I have. Took them and everything. I just can't get blogger to upload them :( I've tried twice today. I'll keep trying, don't worry!

It's some good stuff so keep checking.


Monday, August 21, 2006


My scrapbook room that is. Holy crap - 3 days of purging and there's a floor. It's white (or well used to be LOL) carpet WHO KNEW?!?!?!

I have thrown tooooooooooooooons of stuff away. Given even more to Goodwill and have quite the large pile of giveaway stuff for my MAS girls (or anyone else for that matter - but MAS girls get first dibs!)

It's been liberating. My motivation for giving it all away??? (besides new paint and window treatments?) I realized I've scrapbooked about 90 pages in the last year and not one single time have I gone into that room to pull a piece of paper or use a supply. NOT ONE SINGLE TIME.

That's crazy!

So I knew darn well that my issues were piling up on me (figuratively AND literally) and needs to deal with it. So deal I did. Right into the trash can.

It's not done yet. Knew I wouldn't be but got SO MUCH farther than I could have dreamed (and yes I am dreaming about this now) that's it's getting really close. Need to get some paint on the walls and some of the furniture, deal with the windows, get on the new word wall (wait till you see this - I think it's going to be amazing) and hang some art/pictures and I'M DONE. I've moved back in even so not only do I have a floor in my scrapbook room but we even have a dining room table!

Here's a little hint of what I've be doing.

Here's the new color scheme. I've added (or kept rather) the green. yummy!

Don't those flowers look adorable? Finally found a cute (and realistic) use for those jars I bought forever ago (remember Kerry!?)

My favorite thing...and what inspired a change of the word wall. :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

first the car

and now the scrapbook room.

Cleaned out the good'ole van yesterday. It was DIS-GUST-ING let me tell ya. OKay, actaully, I'm not going to tell you. It's just too damn embarrassing. Put it this way, it required 'soaking time'. NASTY.

so that was yesterday. Then this afternoon (after I got my huge job plotted, signed by my boss, and sent to my client WOOO HOOOOO!) I started in on my scrapbook room. It's finally going to be mine again (Kate went back and forth then finally destroyed the pack and play so she's officially in with Sarah) and after deciding how I'm going to re-do it I'm actually EXCITED it's going to be mine.

I'm repaiting. ugh. huge task there. I don't mind painting but there's A TON of crap in this room. So I'm decluttering like crazy! Reorganizing. rearranging. Getting some new storage solutions and painting away. I'm going with blue and brown!! :) very excited about finaly making that decision.

It's actually going to be a blue/tealish/greygreen type of color. It's called "contemplation" which just seemed like the perfect name for this room. For once I remembered to take a before picture. If it turns out awesome I'll post the before and after. If it's ulgy as snot - well then you're out of luck. I'll have to save the disaster for myself.

That's about all I have for tonight. Off to bed. Have a good night peeps!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


OKAY, no time to write. Too tired and MUST leave this computer for a while. But wanted to let you know that, YES, I realize I've been a bad blogger. And YES, I'll come back. promise.

I'll finally have some time to do so too! :) I JUST NOW finished(yes it's 11 pm) the HUGE job I've been working on so hard the past few weeks (had an entire WEEK over overtime - cha ching!). I'm plotting it tomorrow and will be able to breathe. I'm still really busy so can't like skip town or anything LOL but I won't be working late into the night.

Hopefully y'all haven't completely left me. I DO have stuff to share and looking forward to the time to share it.


Friday, August 11, 2006

well not here but I am alive.

Work is kicking my ass. I won't lie. Usually I work around 35 hours a week for my real job. My career job. The one that actually pays and keeps the house cool and my car running. It's all worked out with my boss on the short work week. Everything is based on 7 hours a day, rather than 8.

The past two it's not my doable 35 hours. I already have 108 hours and still 2 more days to work. To make matters worse, I'm not even done with these huge projects yet. So next week will be just as bad.

At least my billables will be good. Even if I'm too insane and beat down to enjoy the fruits of my labor.


In other news. School starts wednesday. Excited about that. But not too excited. This summer with Noah was cool. He was pretty darn good - the time he was here. He's like a world traveler now. He went to my dad's in cali for 2 weeks, then went to Michigan with peter for a week, then camping with his uncle and grandma for a week.

All that is over now. I need to find some time to buy eeeeeeverything he needs for school. Including uniforms. I just love that I put things off till the last minute. All those extra hours will help paying for everything it takes to get a second grader outfitted for school.

Sarah turned 3. We went to Peter Piper Pizza, as standard birthday party. She's three - she just learned how to put 3 fingers up. As long as there's cake and a couple presents to open she's all good. We got her this glamour makeup kit (that's for 6 year olds eek) She LOVES it. She love lip glass and fingernail polish. Don't know where this girl came from. I've never been able to paint my nails, stupid biting habit. And I only discovered lip gloss like 2 years ago. :)

Kate is still with me. 16 months now. Not sure exactly when she'll make it into daycare. there's some hold up at the school with being an capacity and State coming for annual inspections. Should be soon. Not that I want to send her. She's still pretty easy. But it needs to happen. I need to be able to go to a meeting for work without hastling my friends for babysitting. (thank you friends for babysitting!)

Well better run. Need to get back to work. I'll have a semi-short day today as I'm teaching the Late Nighter at Scrapbooks, Etc. today. Then it's back at I hate working weekends.

OOHH!!! one last thing. SCORED big time again on Craigs list. Two killer leather slipper chairs. I've been looking for chairs like these since I got the huge kick ass mirror. I'm picking them up tomorrow. I'll post pictures - PROMISE.