Monday, February 05, 2007

my list

Do y'all have a list? You know, the list of men (or women I suppose) that if came a'knockin on your door you'd leave your husbands as fast as your little feet could take you?

I do :)

Peyton Manning has always been on my list. he's yummy. YUMMM-MMMMMEEEEE And after the super bowl he's still there. He wants me, I just know it. Now he's got that big ole trophy he can show me like he's trying to impress me. I'd be totally interested and proud that my 'new man' did something so amazing! I'd polish it and make sure it had the perfect place in our lovely 8000 s.f. home overlooking the view of wherever his- ahem OUR house - overlooks. Our 2.4 kids would have straight A's and scouts would be interviewing them out of 3rd grade.....

WAKE UP GIRL! okay I'm back. sorry bout that.

You know who else is on my list? Prince. Yeppers, something about that man. I just wanna lick him. Him and Johnny Depp. :p

the list is longer than those 3. But I wouldn't wanna seem greedy LOL


bangezhu said...
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Beth said...

You're a strange, strange woman.
Prince? :-P

Kerry said...

PRINCE!?!?!?!? Have you been getting some dental work done again? Because you sound like you are on something! ;)

I can't look at a dirty Johnny Depp without thinking of you:

"I'd like to LICK him cleeeeeeean!"

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll go with you on Johnny and Peyton, but Prince???? He's a little to petite and pretty for me.

But, hey, different bites for different likes, no??

Anonymous said...

If I met Johnny Depp tomarrow I would try to pass this baby I am carring off as his. Sorry Tom.. I do love him! Prince, that man is questionable, however I do like them short. Take care, Tammi