Wednesday, February 14, 2007

my valentine's

Now that I officially have all three kids in school (or 'school' when I'm referring to daycare) I have a butt load of valentine thingies to give away. In true Michelle fashion, I left it till the 11th hour. Here's what I did last night

These are for Noah's class. I *try* not to make his girly. Kinda of hard for this holiday. But he approved. His were hand signed, by him, naturally. He did that at the bottom of the card. The couple you see here don't show that - he had to go to bed before I could finish printing them. told ya I waited till the last minute!

VD Count: 32 students, 3 teachers

The girls' are much easier as they are required to be girlie. Did a little work in Word. They're fun and were a big hit at 'school' LOL

VD count: 32 students and 2 teachers for Sarah, 12 students and 2 teachers for Kate, Plus school owner and director.

THAT'S 85 PEOPLE. feel sorry for me??? :)

Spent some bank at the grocery store for a bunch of crap for MY valentine's presents. It's become tradition to arrive with way too many ballons and cupcakes and gobs of pink crap designed to completely embarrass Peter. This year was no different. Even though he's has a new hoity toity position with a new company I've never actually been inside to see his office or meet his collegues. He admitted he thought (err hoped) I wouldn't come to the new place.

Yeah, he's silly. Of COURSE I came. I'm pretty sure he likes it, althought he'd never admit it.

This time I found ballons that SING! Seriously, the "main" balloon has a Barry White recording on it. CLASSIC!!! He also got a huge 'love bug' ballon with two smaller bug balloons on sticks (they all had eyes that moved inside) that I arranged in a pot of pink tulips to look as though they were kissing!!!!! (or humping depending on your viewing angle LMAO)

I also arrived with something like 6 dozen heart shaped cookies, standard balloons (that were color coordinated with the love bugs) a card and this dorky "I love you" heart-shaped snow globe that he'll have to keep on his desk forever. Or until *I* throw it away LMAO

I kill me :)



gcmfxd said...

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Beth said...

Wow- how fun! And I love that you embarrass Peter every year! Classic!!

kerry said...

I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall at Peter's office! Haha! A singing balloon??? That is some funny stuff!!

Cute valentines too! Man, you are like Martha Stewart!

Shanna said...


Anonymous said...

i don't feel sorry for you when you got such cute valentines and you do such a hysterical thing for your honey!!! lisa

laura said...

you are too much! :) i love it all.

Anonymous said...

You are CRAZY! I can't believe you HANDMADE that many valentines. But, they are FABO! And I love what you do for Peter. That is so cute.