Wednesday, July 25, 2007

heaven for boys

So this is heaven, for boys. Working with bricks, pounding hammer and chisel, mixing mortar, sporting protective eyewear, WITH GRANDPA. That last part being the most important. If *I* needed him to building steps for me I'd be shot down. but nope! Not when Grandpa asks. This boy is in hog heaven working on this project. I'm told he bugged dad for days ready to get to work (Dad explained when they were going to do but then, as it does, the plan changed and the project got pushed back)

I'm excited he's having a good time. I am, however, a bit melancholy that I can't sit like that anymore :) (who am I shitting? it's been like 20 years since I could do that!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

on the dock

a random picture from the lake. Man did Kate love those dogs. OKay, well the little one at least. The big one was too cool to give a shit if Katie liked her or not.

And how did the world ever go'round before floaties?


nothing much else going on. Working like crazy. Doing a phone conference with my webmaster tonight (check the time - it'll be midnight where he is before we talk - crazy) Hopefully he sees my vision and I'll have minimal changes :)

Noah is off visiting grandpa for two weeks. So here's a pic of he and Sarah just for giggles. What a bunch of hams huh? Wonder if they've ever seen a camera before.

Anyway, it's funky now having him here. He's always been a joy of a child but now he's turning into a...I dunno...little man. It's fun just hangin with him...funky when I can't.

I cannot wait for Noah's teeth to quit dropping out so he holds him mouth normal again (will there ever be a 'normal' again?)

Monday, July 16, 2007


Thought I'd give a quick recap while I sit here with a numb face. I went to my oral surgeon this afternoon and had the final stage of my dental implant put in. Now I have an OH SO attractive metal rod sticking out of my gums. nasty huh? This process took 3 surgeries (yes I'm calling todays event a surgery even though it was more like a procedure - but I'm not getting out of mommy duties tonight from a mere procedure, so SURGERY it is!) anyway, 12 months, 3 surgeries, over a week off of work, and 3 grand.. And now I'm left with a little metal rod...nice! 2000 more bucks and I can have my dentist put on a real-fake tooth. Some people won't spend 5 grand on their ENTIRE mouth in their LIFETIME. but not me. Thanks mom and dad for the shitty teeth :)

I'm feeling better about my friend's passing. Thanks for all the well wishes. His memorial service/party was Saturday night. I got all gussied up to go then couldn't find the damn place. Not sure where the hell it was. But Dann would have thought it funny that I got I'm cool with it.

Thanks to Kaelene, Peter and I were able to go see Harry Potter 5 on Sunday. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! read the books. GET INTO THIS!!! I love this story. Love Harry and every single character - yes even Snape. Until now I was not ready for this story to end. I was the only person not excited about book 7 coming out. I will miss Harry. But then I figured this author crafted such a brilliant story that she'll be able to wrap it up in a way that will have me feeling satified that Harry is 'gone'. Now I'll be at Walmart at midnight (with a gun) picking up my copy.

That's about all that's going on. Pulling an all nighter tonight. Big job that HAS HAS HAS to be done in the morning. Which remindes me, I need to work. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007


remember this post? Well I just got a call that my friend, Dann, passed away last night. The cancer in his lungs, found only a few weeks ago, spread like wildfire throughout his body, his neck, and into his bones. His passing was quiet and swift and he was was calm. I am deeply saddened by this news as he was a long time friend and collegue for nearly 20 years.

Thank you, again, for all your thoughts and prayers. The family (and me) are grateful that this went fast and his suffering wasn't prolonged.

I got the call that shit was really bad on Monday. Dann's son left a message. A message I wasn't able to return. Not sure why, just couldn't call him. I wasn't ready to say goodbye. So now I'm beating myself up for not calling back, not going to see Dann. I pray he knows I was thinking of him and just how much adore (do I write adored now?) him. Anyway, I'll miss him. a lot.


ETA - Noah has it figured out. He just came asking for something and saw me crying. Naturally, he asked what's wrong. Here's how it went.
Him: Mom, what's wrong?
Me: Oh. I just found out a friend of mine died.
Him: oh, how? heart attack?
Me: No honey, he had cancer.
Him: Oh ....pause....It's okay mom. He's right here. (motioning to the space to my left) He's right next to you.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

well I suppose I should update

I'm here. Back from the va-cay-cay. Everything now is nay-nay or cay-cay. It's my thing, this week. It started cuz my (super duper cute) niece is just a crack up. She does all sorts of crazy accents and impersonations all the time. She pretty much made me laugh the entire time I was on vacation. Anyway, there's this new (new to us) card game called "hand and foot" (quickly renamed a billion times to "hand/foot/mouth disease" or "tooth and nail" or "mitten and boot" you get the drift) And in it you make "canastas" which - naturally - she called "ca-nay-nays" and our white slang was born.

The main reason for our trip was for the family reunion. Everyone showed up on Saturday. It was pretty damn cool. I love Peter's family. Seeing everyone reminds me how lucky I am to have him (sheesh - easy on the sap michelle)

here's the chillins sporting the reunion shirts I designed in like 15 minutes - Peter 'forgot' the dealine for the art and I had to do it crazy fast. Like, he called in the morning "honey? can you get the art for the shirts to the printer by noon?" My reply, "honey...what art?" niiiiiice. But I think it turned out cute. Everyone seemed to like them. Bummer you can't see the front logo thing. It's kinda cute too.

aaaaaaaaayway, I'm back. Had a GREAT time. Didn't do a damn thing. Well, not true, I ate, and drank, and ate some more and played "hand and mouth" and "nertz". Ever played Nertz? It's like speed solataire. CRAZY FUN. but beware. If you play it with your young, brilliant and lightning fast - both in mind and hand - niece you WILL get your ass kicked. okay, back to the nothingness that I did. I didn't even jet ski. That's east SYYYDE water is chilly folks. My 85 degrees loving ass wasn't having any part of that shiat. So at the table I sat. and I love every lazy ass minute of it.

OH!! I also played the guitar hero or whatever game on their XBOX. COMPLETELY addicted. MUST. HAVE. ONE. If anyone has this game PLEASE let me know. I'll pay to play it. It's super freaking cool.

Here are some picture for your viewing pleasure! haha

Here's the view from the lake house. Pretty much the sun as it is everwhere. :) Really just proof that I did, in fact, leave. LOL

Sarah being the show-off that she is. Someone (peter probably) put Emily's bikini on her and she strutted around with it on. What a hammy, man I love her.

Noah and Sarah on the pontoon boat going out to watch the fireworks. We were on a rather big lake. It's shaped like a 4 leaf clover so there's LOTS of lake front property - which equals lots of houses - which equals LOTS of boats. I think everyone was on the lake for the show. It was a darn nice show too. Nothing like sitting on a boat, drinking a beer, floating with thousands of other people celebrating our country's birthday.

Kate with the craziest dog ever, Mocha. Katie just loved her. Everyone else, not so much haha. This picture was taken at nearly 10 at night. It gets dark there SUPER LATE. It's freaky. And REALLY hard for those of us who go crazy if our kids aren't down at 7:30. They were up so late it was bananas.

There should be more pictures later this week. Most on on Peter's computer cuz we were fancy like that. Then he took his laptop to OK with him, punk ass. So this is all eyezz gotz (yeah, sorry, no idea why I'm talking like this LOL)

Not much else going on. Pumping away on the book. Work is frantic, as usual. Kids are good. and I'm back at the gym...working off all that sitting, and eating, and drinking :)

finally, for the record, I want an ipod. Not cuz I really need one. Or would ever use it. But they just work nice. They feel nice and are well engineered. and y'all know how I can't resist a product that is smooth and works right (don't go there shanna. hooker!)

and a final, FINAL note - mostly to myself. Take a freaking photography class, would ya!?!?! Them some crappy skillz going on there. Light is your friend - LEARN ABOUT IT DAYUM!

peace out yo! Shell-nay-nay has left the building :)