Thursday, March 22, 2007

emails that make me wanna buy shit I don't need and replace shit I already have

HOLY CRAP!!! Damn Crate and Barrel. I'd have to buy new dining chairs to even start to get this look.

these chair covers ARE. THE. SINGLE. CUTEST. THINGS. E-VER!!! to noah, sarah and kate :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

when it's not you it's funny

Had some day today. Thankfully there are no pictures to show you. You''ll see why...

So I headed off to Peoria to do a field survey of an existing Elementary School. It's all good. I'm happy because I brought Ali with me. Ali is a draftsman at work who I was able to pull from away from the other guys to help gather information about the job site. He's young and fun and kinda cute (not my type at all but he's still cute, I'd say)

We get there a bit early which was cool because I thought we were running late. Traffic was good so the normally 50 minute drive was cut to 35 :) yippee. I might have been actually skipping, or at least that's my excuse, because while I'm heading across the parking lot I step on a rock, twist my foot, and fall HEAD FIRST to the ground.

Can you say embarrassing???

To make matters worse, besides Ali, I had an audience of 10-15 construction workers who were in the street standing around watching one guy twist some long ass tool in a manhole. perrrrfect. witnesses.

I jump up (and let me tell you - I bounced up faster than my fat ass has moved in a very long time) and check my knee. It's scrapped but nothing too bad. Ali, bless his heart, is asking if I'm okay and acting all pissed at the freakin pebble that tripped me! I'd be in love with him had he not, only seconds after returning to the office, laughed his ass off while telling the guys how I fell on the smallest rock on the planet. bastard! :)

One of the construction workers asked if I was okay. I chuckled (I could have cried) and said, "yeah, I'm fine. Just a bruised ego." eeeeeeeveryone laughed. Yeah...funny guys.

THEN (yes, there's more) as I'm waiting for my client I decide I'd like a drink of my soda from the car. I safely manuvuer my way back accross the parking lot (swiftly kicked that fucking pebble, errr boulder!) and realize I don't have my car keys. I left them in the car. On the back seat. Where they are mostly certainly not supposed to be. Like a complete moron.

Two calls to my husband, 40 minutes and 50 bucks later I was back in my car.

Funny huh? yah, go ahead, laugh away bitches! Some day you'll fall on your ass and lock yourself out of your car and who'll be there yuckin' it up with the neighboring construction workers??? Me and Ali :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

name change

I've changed the name of my blog. I've been thinking about this for a some time now. While I loved the old [randomness] it's not me. Well, not true, it's VERY me. I am completely random. But I love a good play on words. Something I got from my Mom, who was a master of the pun and plays on words.

So in honor of her I now dub my blog "i swear!"

MAINLY because, face it, I DO. You know it, I know it. Hell, my Dad taught me it (sorry daddy!)

and secondly because this is the place I come to vent about the randonmess of live. Where I think (and now will say) "I swear, this is some crazy shit"

Pretty sure this name change won't get me to post more, or have more time to post, or have funny ass things to post about. But I SWEAR I'll try.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

if case you were wondering

It's official. I don't pay attention. Well at least I don't to internet stuff, and changes that happen to the net. Even when it involves me, I somehow think it's not important and completely ignore it. Whatever 'it' is.

Case in point. Blogger was bought out or something by Google, I think. I'm guessing here because for weeks, when I log on to blogger to post a comment (or edit one, or reply to on my blog, or reply on another blog) it (it being the big blogger 'hub' server thing in the sky) has been flashing crap at me about how my 'new and improved' blog is now available...somewhere and that I should go there now to see all the new stuff I can do.

I completly ignore these comments.

Until, of course, even *I* can't log on to my blog. Time to pay attention. Now I'm playing catch up. "what the hell did all that crap say to me?", "Where do I go now to create my new and improved blog?", "Dammit man, I hate this shit, I just want this stupid blogger dealy to work!!!"

So I thought I did whatever it is I needed to do to get my new and improved blog. I went into the link provided (was it to google?? I dunno, I wasn't really paying attention) and filled in all the little boxes that had that little red asterick next to it. You know the ones, they are 'required' fields. OKay, did that, and WOO HOO I can blog again.

Or so I thought.

I can blog, but can't reply. Not anywhere. I can read my blog, but can't reply on it. I can read your blog, but no replying allowed. It tells me I have the wrong password, "NO I DON'T YOU STUPID BASTARDS! I HAVE THE SAME PASSWORD FOR EVERYTHING (forget that part would ya!) AND I KNOW HOW TO TYPE IT YOU STUPID PIECES OF FREE BLOGGING CRAP!!!!!"

Sooooooooooo, in case you were wondering why I'm not answering your questions here, or not replying on your blog, it's cuz I don't pay attention. and googles sucks. not in that order :)

Here's what I said (okay it's condensed) before I got that oh so annoying password bullshit!

Kerry, Love the room, and that video rocks. "Would you like to talk about the destruction of Western civilization?"
Maddy, Wow, that's a lot of bows :) Sadie is adorable. LOOOOVE the picks of her no lying down :) Can I hold her??? I promise I won't put her into REAL sleep.
Beth, Love the pages. Sorry y'all were sick.
Shanna, you rock, as usual.
Lisa, CONGRATS girl. Although the thought of you being a MIL and grandma (someday) makes me feel old. LOL havn't figured that one out. LOL
Tammi, that room ROCKS!!!!! and, or course, so does that page!

Friday, March 02, 2007

this month's Inspired by

Been kitting my class tonight. Got done in record time. Not sure how that happened but I'm certainly not complaining. Especially since I was on my own for the first time in months. Between Katie and Kaelene I've been a spoiled little girl.

So here you have it. my class, in all it's glory.

still working fo the'man

Thank you, my friends, for being concerned about me and being worried that I might actually not have a job. Your concern seriously made me happy. No small feat as of late.

Yes, I'm still gamefully employed. I knew I would be, to be honest. But what's the use of having 'company' if you can't be overly dramatic about every. single. little. thing. on. the. entire. planet? So I embellished. I'm sybil right now, what cha gonna do, CHALLENGE ME!! :)

In other news, the jail cell that is my living room is still there. Haven't gotten used to it yet, not that I expected to. I did get to Pottery Barn for a swatch book and have the next color that'll be going up. Wish me luck! I'll need it.

I ran into my friend Pam Black (HI Pam!) at the scrapbook store today, she told me a funny story about paint color {sidebar - do y'all know Pam? Yeah, she pretty much rocks. She's an interior designer and amazing scrapbooker, seriously. She and I started scrapbooking about the same time and would bump into eachother at sb etc all the time. We'd compare ideas, fawn over eachother's pages, and pretty much be totally inspired by eachother. Then she got really serious and her career as a scrapbooker took off! She pretty much blew me out of the water - but in a good way, make no mistake. Everything she's got she's EARNED! She's worked her ass off and it's cool to see someone so honest, hardworking and genuine really succeed in this industry. Like I said, she rocks! OKay - end sidebar} So, anyway, she tells me about a job that she was doing in Mesa where they went through something like 35 quarts of paint before they found the right one. 35! So she could feel my pain! I promise you, though, no way in holy freaking hell I'm painting any part of that wall 35 times.

I think. Unless of course I can't find the right color after 34 tries.