Thursday, November 23, 2006

one of those days

Ever have a day where you wake up in a bad mood and everything gets worse from there? Where everyone and everything just pisses you off? Where nothing goes right and you wish that you could just crawl back in bed?

Well today wasn't one of those days. :)

Peter made a kick ass Thanksgiving dinner. My dad is in town for a week so he was here for dinner. My bro came over and we had one of Peter's colleagues came over for dinner. She brought dessert - a pumpkin and a pecan pie - AWESOME. I think I ate half of the pecan by myself LOL

Then we all sat around and watched "Cars". Super cute movie.

So now it's all calm. The kids are finally asleep. Company is gone. Dad has gone off to bed. Peter has retreated to the bedroom and I'm here in a quiet house having a moment to myself. Christmas shopping starts tomorrow so I'm taking this time to really think about how grateful I am and just how much I truly have to be thankful for.

I have so much in my life. I'm really super blessed, really. So I'll take this day of thanksgiving to say to you, the ones reading this, thank you! I love you and I can't imagine my life without you! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


As you might have read on Shanna's blog, some of the MAS girls (we missed you Lisa and Kerry) threw together a surprise bridal shower for Shanna. It was a great time. It was at my house and I brought in Moki's Hawaiian BBQ YUM!. Thanks to Beth we had KILLER snacks and decorations and Kaelene handled the games, prizes and virgin Pina Coladas which completely rocked - even without the Rum :)

This is what the table looked like before we 'started in' on it. It didn't stand a chance ;)

Check out my face - BUSTED! This is right after Shanna and I walked in to find the house fully decorated full of MAS girls. I'm like "who me??? lie??" LOL

Obviously a Hawaiian theme, Beth and I picked up a hula skirt, dorky "bride to be" crown and a gaggle of leis (sp??) We pretty much forced her to wear the get up the whole night....although she didn't seem to mind. And I DON'T wanna know what she does with it once she's tied the knot!

Here we are after Shanna opened her gifts. Maddy and Kerry pretty much stole the show by bringing the entire Kitchen department from Target. suck ups!!! LOL After this we talked about sex all night. That girl really needs to get some! LMAO

We had a lot of fun. Planning it was even fun. who knew?!?! oh yeah, and I realize I pretty much suck at taking pictures. Sorry about that!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

dude - this is as random as they come.

I need to update. I know. I always say this.

* I'm getting a cold which pretty much sucks ass.
* My job-job, not my scrapbooking job or book-job, but my real job-job is kicking my butt. Funny how I actually need to WORK there. need money for food and electricity.
* I haven't even started thinking about Christmas.
* Hell, I haven't even started thinking about Thanksgiving.
* Haven't taken a picture in over 2 weeks.
* Went to Target today and managed to stay on task - which was getting random "inspiration" things for my class at SB etc.
* Cleaned my house from top to bottom...and 3 hours lates it was trashed :)
* Kate said "thank you" today. Says "bye bye" and Daddy too. But that's about it. She's 'mine' and she doesn't even say mommy yet. What's up with that?
* I have to stop going to 2 peas. That place just sucks. LOL
* My brother and his girlfriend broke up. I wish I was sad. She doesn't deserve him.
* My dad is coming for Thanksgiving. That's totally cool!
* Need to go back to bed...I'm sicky...Pray this Airborne stuff really works.

I'll do better about posting. I mean to, but y'all know that already.
much love!

OH WAIT. one more super major piece of randomness for ya. My text online is super big now. Not sure what I did but I could be across the room and still read whatever site I'm surfing. LOL What's frightening is I'm starting to get used to it so when I figure out how to change it back I'll probably hate it and end up going blind.