Thursday, February 22, 2007

everyone is doing it

I did my own little update on my sofa. Had to ya know, everyone else is doing it. Granted, I don't have beautiful brand new couches to share with everyone. And, according to Peter, the 8 year old SUPER crappy, was a POS when I bought it new, couch is good enough. Because, naturally, HE never sits in there.

So after I painted my wall (in color of the inside of a cell block D - come back tomorrow for that story) I decided to do a little sump'in to ole faithful. Got a 99 dolla dark brown slip cover from Target, and 4 KICK ASS tealish color pillows (also from Target) for 30% off! go me. It's no new couch, but for 150 bucks, including tax, at least it looks a teeny bit better.

Got some cool curtains too. The dorky, southwestern pottery fabric covered wood vallances are BYE BYE. Those aren't hung yet but, yeah, they rock. They were from Target after all :)


k said...

WOW! That looks really pretty! I can't wait to see your room when you get everything done. Why can't I picture the SW pottery fabric on the valances? Hmmm.

I have been waiting forever to see the new pretty brown curtains!!! Hang those suckers!

Kaelene zzzzzzz said...

I LOVE those pillows -- whoda thunk that you would choose that color - tee hee! It looks GREAT! And, frankly, your couch is pretty comfortable to sit/sleep on, and now it has a new look to make your living room complete!
Are you sure you want to lose the southwest valances?? LOL
And you are such a bargain shopper -- you do me right proud!

Michelle said...

I never HATED the valances. The fabric wasnt' horrible (to me) It's not like it have howling coyotes on it LOL

I think I'm going to hand the new curtian off of black drawer pulls that have been screwed into the wall. :) Let's see how long it'll take the chillins to pull that arrangement down LOL

Anonymous said...

YEAY! I love it! It is so fun to do something new! The old stuff doesn't have to be ugly, it's just time for a change. :) Glad you're happy


Anonymous said...

very cool! those colors are awesome! lisa

Beth said...

I need some of those pillows!