Thursday, August 17, 2006

first the car

and now the scrapbook room.

Cleaned out the good'ole van yesterday. It was DIS-GUST-ING let me tell ya. OKay, actaully, I'm not going to tell you. It's just too damn embarrassing. Put it this way, it required 'soaking time'. NASTY.

so that was yesterday. Then this afternoon (after I got my huge job plotted, signed by my boss, and sent to my client WOOO HOOOOO!) I started in on my scrapbook room. It's finally going to be mine again (Kate went back and forth then finally destroyed the pack and play so she's officially in with Sarah) and after deciding how I'm going to re-do it I'm actually EXCITED it's going to be mine.

I'm repaiting. ugh. huge task there. I don't mind painting but there's A TON of crap in this room. So I'm decluttering like crazy! Reorganizing. rearranging. Getting some new storage solutions and painting away. I'm going with blue and brown!! :) very excited about finaly making that decision.

It's actually going to be a blue/tealish/greygreen type of color. It's called "contemplation" which just seemed like the perfect name for this room. For once I remembered to take a before picture. If it turns out awesome I'll post the before and after. If it's ulgy as snot - well then you're out of luck. I'll have to save the disaster for myself.

That's about all I have for tonight. Off to bed. Have a good night peeps!


Lisa said...

oh--i love new paint! can't wait to see how it turns out! love blue and brown. what kind of storage thingies you going with??

Beth said...

Cool! I think there was a blue/brown room in the July CK (just checked- yep! pg 141). It's simple, but it gives some ideas...

I was considering doubling up the girls in one room so I could have my own scrap room. That would be wrong, though. Right?


Anonymous said...

I really want to re-do my scrap space, however I feel like I should probably declutter the rest of my house first! I cannot wait to see your new roo. I love the color choices! Tammi

kerry said...

How fun! The colors sound perfect! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you finish it.

I learned a pretty spiffy trick from Beth and Maddy one night on how to clean out your car. Just let Riley in for about 10 minutes! Better than any shop vac!

Michelle said...

staying with the clear storage pieces I have. The only difference is I'm going to put them into dark brown wicker baskets and put the baskets right into my bookcase. It's a perfect fit. AND I can just pull the entire basket out when I'm on the go.

Don't get CK :( Can you scan it???? I won't turn you in! LOL

And yeah....double up your girls...that would me wrong. HAHAHA
seriously, a scrapbook room off the main floor sucks. Stairs and scrapbook supplies DON'T get along. And you're room is perfect! It's super cute and works for how you scrap doesnt' it???

forget the rest of the house girl! If mama isn't happy, ain't nobody happy!

DANG IT GIRL You could have saved my 20 bucks if you'd told me that time saving tip earlier. I have the little guys at the carwash do it! LOL

Beth said...

I'll save the article for you. The scanner doesn't work, but I'll try and snap a pic of it.

Oh- too smart. Never thought about the stair thing. Forget that idea. Maybe I'll invade Sean's office... ;) (but yes- the way I have it now works fine...)