Friday, August 11, 2006

well not here but I am alive.

Work is kicking my ass. I won't lie. Usually I work around 35 hours a week for my real job. My career job. The one that actually pays and keeps the house cool and my car running. It's all worked out with my boss on the short work week. Everything is based on 7 hours a day, rather than 8.

The past two it's not my doable 35 hours. I already have 108 hours and still 2 more days to work. To make matters worse, I'm not even done with these huge projects yet. So next week will be just as bad.

At least my billables will be good. Even if I'm too insane and beat down to enjoy the fruits of my labor.


In other news. School starts wednesday. Excited about that. But not too excited. This summer with Noah was cool. He was pretty darn good - the time he was here. He's like a world traveler now. He went to my dad's in cali for 2 weeks, then went to Michigan with peter for a week, then camping with his uncle and grandma for a week.

All that is over now. I need to find some time to buy eeeeeeverything he needs for school. Including uniforms. I just love that I put things off till the last minute. All those extra hours will help paying for everything it takes to get a second grader outfitted for school.

Sarah turned 3. We went to Peter Piper Pizza, as standard birthday party. She's three - she just learned how to put 3 fingers up. As long as there's cake and a couple presents to open she's all good. We got her this glamour makeup kit (that's for 6 year olds eek) She LOVES it. She love lip glass and fingernail polish. Don't know where this girl came from. I've never been able to paint my nails, stupid biting habit. And I only discovered lip gloss like 2 years ago. :)

Kate is still with me. 16 months now. Not sure exactly when she'll make it into daycare. there's some hold up at the school with being an capacity and State coming for annual inspections. Should be soon. Not that I want to send her. She's still pretty easy. But it needs to happen. I need to be able to go to a meeting for work without hastling my friends for babysitting. (thank you friends for babysitting!)

Well better run. Need to get back to work. I'll have a semi-short day today as I'm teaching the Late Nighter at Scrapbooks, Etc. today. Then it's back at I hate working weekends.

OOHH!!! one last thing. SCORED big time again on Craigs list. Two killer leather slipper chairs. I've been looking for chairs like these since I got the huge kick ass mirror. I'm picking them up tomorrow. I'll post pictures - PROMISE.



Dust and Maddy said...

WOO HOO! Michelle updated. Sorry work is such a pain in the butt. It's not like you don't have a ZILLION other things to do. I'm amazed you can even type still. I think I'd be a zombie by now if I were you.

Good luck getting everything done, have fun getting Noah ready for school and I can't wait to see the pictures!!!

Beth said...

Yay! An update! Good to know you're still out there...

Good luck with your work deadline, your other deadline and school!

Shanna said...

I was beginning to wonder about you girl!!!

Glad you're alive!

Anonymous said...

Dang you are BUSY! I don't know how you do it. Good luck next week. Tammi