Sunday, August 27, 2006

okay I'm ready to go back to work

WOW! did we have a busy weekend. Let me break it down.

Friday night:
Went to dinner with Kaelene. After Chili's (yum!) we went to Michael's and Home Depot to pick up paint and a couple little things for the room. Then home to scrap. Which I didn't do. I continued to organize and purge. I got 2 massive bags full of stuff that I was to 'put away' actually put away. That felt good! Now all I have to do is my bag of ribbon (ahem - kerry? You busy????)

I started on the room bright and early ( 9:45am early???) Got the 2 walls painted the new blue color. Now I have 2 green walls and 2 blue walls. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT. Got the room put back together just in time to jump in the shower and head off to My brother's house for UFC (that's Ultimate Fighting Championship for those who are less barbaric than us LOL)

Got up WAY too early for my. Peter was a slave driver and pulled us out to Costco. This was a challenge for me because honestly, my goal for sunday is to not shower at all! hahaha So the trip was SO worth is as I found this KICK ASS bookcase for the scrapbook room. it's super cheap and GORGEOUS! I'm hoping to pick it up tomorrow. We also found a new dresser for the girls' room. Then came home and started cleaning like crazy. We (yes we, Peter actually helped) cleaned the FRIDGE! amazing stuff that is! So house is all sparkly then I finally sat down and edited the photos I took of my friend and her fiance for their invitation. I just finished that and they are on their way over right now to pick up the CD.

PHEW! I'm tired and sore. My room is so awesome. I can't wait to finish it up 100% so I can post some pictures. The house is clean so y'all can actually come over and pick through these goodies. Good thing y'all didn't last week cuz more got put in there.

that's all for now :)


Dust and Maddy said...

WOO HOO!!!!! Good for you. Sometimes purging feels soooooo good.

So I'm ready to come over! Dustin's home the next two days so just say when :)

And BTW, Dustin is totally into UFC. It's a little too much for me, but I get the whole fascination. He had to go over to a friend's house on Saturday to watch it though.

Kerry said...

Is the bookcase a big brown one??

My MIL got one from there and it is really pretty!! I'm wondering if it is the same one.

The room sounds like it is coming along well! I can't wait to see it!

So, when should we all come over to unload your extra crap and roll ribbon?????