Friday, August 25, 2006

is this bad?

okay. here we y'all remember how a couple months ago I discovered I screwed up when Peter noticed I scheduled myself to teach THREE classes on his birthday? Remember how mad he was at me and how I found subs for all three of them? Remember how he was disgusted with me that I didn't hear "a little bell ring in my head" when I scheduled on that date?

well....yesterday, as I was finishing up kitting my class for THAT NIGHT, we both got an email from his sister congratulating us on 4 years of marriage. YUP!!! That's right. WE BOTH totally forgot it was our wedding anniversary!!! hahahahhaa and to top it off I was teaching that night!!! Not a single bell went off in my head (well they did but I've come to ignoring them because, well, they're just loud LOL)

We got a good laugh out of it. What's even more pathetic is that it wasn't the first time we'd forgotten. We missed our second one as well.

Peter thinks it's great because he knows he'll NEVER get in trouble for forgetting this one. And I think it's hysterical that I, as the sensitive woman of the house, forget the date as well.

So there you have it, 4 years of wedding bliss. Quiet, uncelebrated bliss. :)


Kerry said...

Oh my gosh, that is funny Michelle!

I think that just means that you are both totally comfortable with each other, so what does a silly date mean?

Happy anniversary!

Beth said...

Oh, wow. At least you're both on the same (non) wave-length!

Happy Anniversary!!

Lisa said...

too funny! happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I am in SHOCK! Kidding, that is funny! I wish my husband would forget because anniversaries usually mean a LARGE electronic purchase around here. Take care, Tammi