Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i suck

The tooth fairy didn't come last night.



Beth said...

Ohhh-- S*L*A*C*K*E*R!!!!!!

The tooth fairy made it here last night. You must be in the wrong zip code. ;)

Do you have an alarm? Blame it on that.
Or- did the tooth come out late? If it comes out around bedtime here, everyone knows that the TF may not make it cause she may have a full schedule already...

I hope the Fairy leaves a really cool note tonight explaining why she was late. That should smooth things over. ;)

Michelle said...

yeah rub it in beth :)

Ya know, Noah's a pretty easy going kid about big stuff like this. He woke earlier than normal and found me on the couch (I slept like crap last night) When we talked about it I just said, "Ya know, maybe she had lots to do last night. Maybe there were lots of 7yo boys who lost a tooth last night"

He nodded, "ya that must be it"

Then I suggested that maybe it was because I was on the couch. He nodded then got a little scrunchy face and said, "mooooooom!!! you scared her because you're huge and she's just a little fairy!"


hahahaa we're going to see if she comes tonight. Does the TF leave a note when tardy??? What might that note say? and might that note be on special paper with fairy dust on it or something?????

Beth said...

Well, of course she didn't come while you were on the couch! She can't see people, even mommies. (And LOL at Noah's reasoning- funny kid).

Notes typed out on the computer in swirly, scripty fonts work well. Oh- and embossing powder looks just like fairy dust; another reaon to love scrap supplies! ;)

I'll tell my Tooth Fairy story on my blog soon...

Kerry said...

Oh ouch Michelle. At least Noah sounds like he understands her reasoning for being late. LOL about "Did my son just call me fat?!?"

Leave a note tonight, and something a little extra for her being late. This should be an easy one to bounce back from.

We did this once with Trevor's FIRST tooth. I felt awful. But thank goodness he ended up in our bed at some point that night. So Mike quickly put $5 under my pillow and just said that the tooth fairy was confused since he wasn't sleeping in his own bed that night.

No harm, and he was a happy kid.

Dust and Maddy said...

Phew, good thing Noah is understanding. I'm sure he'll be cool once he gets the note and money.

Kerry- DANG! The tooth fairy leaves $5 at your house??? Ggggggeeeeeeeez, inflation sucks!

Anonymous said...

Well, we **thought** the tooth fairy was late at our house one time, and it turned out that she wasn't! Her little treasure just feel off behind the pillow. Yup. That's what happened. We looked harder and lo and behold, there it was. Must have missed it the first time. Uh huh. Tooth Fairy must have been in a hurry and didn't tuck it in tight enough.

Big toothless smile from the happy girl.

Lisa said...

well when the tooth fairy is late she must cough up some extra money! or you could just hand some money over to noah when he gets home from school and say that you found this squished under the bed--not that i've tried that before! ;)