Tuesday, May 29, 2007

cuteness from my brain

This is what I did at !Shanna's house last friday.

I'm such a liar. Neither of these pages are from MY brain. I copied them. Both from Creating Keepsakes, I'm pretty sure (don't have the mags with me now)

Even though I didn't come up with them, they're still mine and I Love them! And I had a great time, as per usual, with my Mas girls!

Journaling for first one - Remember when - reads:

I remember when you wore a tuxedo for the second time
(First, when I married Peter, and again, here, at your Dad's wedding)

I remember how you insisted that you dress yourself.
(All but the cufflinks and cumber bun)

I remember who was making you smile so cute.
(Peter was tickling your neck and sides)

I remember where we were during these pictures.
(On the front lawn neas the "tree of life")

I remember what a blessing you are you just by being you.
(Something I won't ever forget!)

the second might be hard to see but the strip above the word "style" says "almost in" :)


laura said...

ok, i don't care of they are lifted. they are both so cute! :)

Beth said...

Super cute!
And I started lifting the second one already. I told ya I would... ;)

Jamie said...

Beautiful work, Michelle and a nice way to journal those memories.

Dust and Maddy said...

Awwwwwesome. And congrats on doing some pages just for fun :)

Kerry said...

HOLY COW! those are great layouts! I love them! I especially like the one of your glasses, that is adorable and I'm glad you scrapped that cool picture of yourself.

What are the black circle swirlies on there? And the scalloped edge circle thing? Has it been that long since I've been in a scrapbook store? Usually I know my products, and I have no clue!!

Cute cute cute!!!!

Michelle said...

thanks girl! It was fun doing something JUST FOR ME!

The circles, even the scalloped one, are Rub-ons by Luxe. I pretty much used the entire pack :) For me, they made the page!

karen said...

I love them!

Anonymous said...

I love them both too! what a handsome guy! Tammi

Lisa said...

awesome as usual!! glad i read the comments cuz k asked what i wanted to know--who made the black circles! love those!

Shanna said...

THAT IS SOME SERIOUS SCRAPPY YUMMINESS MICHELLE! But you already knew that! LOL LOVE those Luxe rub-ons!!!

scrapmom4 said...

Love the Remember When concept. Maybe I'll lift it from you, now. :)

angieinpink said...

holy freaking cute! love the layouts. glad i'm back so i can read your blog...i missed it.