Friday, May 11, 2007

haven't had much to say

I haven't blogged much mainly because I haven't had crap to say. I'm busy. We're all busy. I've been sick. who hasn't? Peter's gone, again. Nothing special. But for me it's been kinda....crappy. So in an effort not to put my bitching in type I've just been quiet. But today, while at the Mother's Day Party at Noah's school something happened that was worth talking about. And didn't involved complaining.

Each child wrote a poem and then read it in front of the entire class (and all the moms) This was Noah's.

Now, he's no literary genius. Pretty sure I know where he got that LOL But this is extra special. It's an Acrostic Poem and the word (der) is MOTHER. What's sweet is "t" - Two Moms. It made me feel so damn good to know that he included Angela (his step-mom) in his thoughts about Mother's Day.

I suppose some would be freaked. Had you told me this wouldn't chap my hide 8 years ago I'd have for sure said you were crazy. Two moms??? That's GOT to be insulting, right?

naahh.... he does. He's blessed to have two families. Two moms. Two dads. countless cousins. Loving aunt's and uncles. He's truly loved. And I'm loved by him. That's got to feel good.

To make this poem even cooler I was able to show Angela. She picked him up at school and I dropped by while she was in the carpool lane. (I did have 'official' bizness of dropping of his baseball uniform lest you think I drove across town just to show her this) I explained about the poems and pointed out the "two moms" part. She got all choked up. It's was kick ass. She was so touched. I couldn't help but feel good for having shown her.

She was super cute, too, asking if I was okay with that. HELL YEAH I am, I assured her.

I'm his Mom. I'm confident in that. I don't see myself getting demoted LOL And, besides, there's certainly enough love in his heart to go around.

So that's what I have to say right now. My kiddo rocks! And he's got two - kick ass - moms!



Jenn said...

Michelle- How the heck are ya? I love this story- Noah's poem ROCKS!Glad to see ya in the blogging world!

angieinpink said...

aw, tender! you are a cool mom. noah's a cool kid. the end.

Lisa said...

that's awesome!! and as the mom of kids who have had 2 moms before i can tell ya it's nice to have someone else that cares for your children. can you imagine having to send them over to someone who didn't want them there and was mean to them? i shudder to think!

Anonymous said...

Your kid DOES rock, and that says a LOT for his parents . . . all 4 of them!
Love ya!

Beth said...

That's awesome!
Awesome that he has two loving families, and awesome that you recognize how special it is for him. He'll appreciate your comfort with that so much as he gets older!

Yay for all of you! :)