Friday, May 18, 2007

not that y'all didn't already know


Pretty much knew it was coming. I mean, I realize it's 'wrong' to expect someone to do something for you birthday. But let's be real, we did Shanna's two days ago. It'd be almost mean to really stop at me :) And these people are too good to be cruel :)

Kerry, Beth, Maddy, and Shanna heart attacKed my house last night. This has become quite a wonderful tradition between us. Each birthday (and sometimes even 'fake' birthdays) we do something clever and personal and purely hysterical. Their idea for me - which *I* thought might be hard - because I'm SO hard to make fun of (bwhaha) was PAINT CHIPS! A spin off of when I painted my wall in the living room like a freaking jail cell. PERFECT!

These girls are GOOD!!!

They chipped in and got me a pedicure at a local spa. YUM!!! This is desparately needed. I won't even think about if *they* noticed it's needed. I'll just happily take and and get them tooties purdied up. :)

Then, to top it off. In reference to this debate Maddy gave me the two pairs of pants she was going to toss. SOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!

Have I mentioned that I love these girls!? seriously! I don't deserve you guys. Thanks for putting up with me and making me feel super duper special!

I'll post some of the sayings that are written on the paint chips. I'd do it now but I'm leaving them out there for a while longer. They make me happy. And I'm not too proud to show off my amazingly cute lawn.



Beth said...

I won't even think about if *they* noticed it's needed.

Hee! No clue. The gift was part of the theme (paint...get it?), so if your toes weren't fugly, we'd still have gotten ya the pedicure! ;)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, LUCKY GIRL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Take care, Tammi

Dust and Maddy said...

Last night was so much fun! I love the birthday tradition! :) Even if you're epecting it, it's fun to see what everyone comes up with!

Lisa said...

yeah--they're wack! in a good way!