Sunday, May 20, 2007

the list

Here are all the sayings for my birthday heart, err, paint chip attack. They are in no order. I'm just pulling them out of the lead crystal vase they are proudly displayed in.

Most won't make any sense to anyone but the MAS girls. If you want an explanation let me know, I'll tell the story. Each one has one :) (and truth be told, I want to tell the story of every single one right now!)

Bite me!
Happy Birthday!

Happy day after your birthday!
So are you a crack maker or crack dealer?
I bet you thought we forgot!
We love your "colorful" language
Have you SEEN my keys?
Just trying to help you pick a wall color
Good thing Peter's peter is in the right place!
I swear! Hell yah!
Let's go to Outback tonight
Yummy: Peyton Manning

Is that your natural hair color?
Bloody hell! Another Bday!
Have a (diet) coke and a smile!
We're late since Shanna had to watch the Suns game...
Paint chips. Lots. Love them.
Are you calling me fat?
Happy Birthday!
"Michelle" doesn't really work with the name game. Michelle, Michelle do bichelle...that doesn't sound so hot
Are you feeling the birthday LOOVE?
Happy Birthday!
Thanks for making out lives more "colorful"
Woohoo! A winner!

CZ Stalker!!!
Don't put my baby to sleep!
Thanks for the dinner. Why don't you just drop it on the floor. (from me - I love them all but this might be my favorite...brings me right back to that oh so fun drop-food-on-the-floor-and-burst-into-tears moment)
Chomp Chomp Chunch
What about chocolate, peanut butter, coconut and macadamia nut crack?
Birthday. So delightful.
SCADS...that's all I have to say
My MAS friends are the bomb!

I have the best friends!
Blog Nazi says: You'd better blog about this
Yes, I can watch Kate!
If you were on Survivor, we would so vote for you!

We're late because Maddy & Sadie's unflexible feeding schedule...
Ice addict
We're late since Mike was in Wickenburg
Any duplicates yet
Ice Ice baby!
Sing it, Elton!
Did you REALLY think that we would forget about you?!?!?
Have fun. PLAY. (I know how much you hate that word)
Happy Birthday!
Is George Michael your Father Figure?
I would LICK Captain Jack cleeean!
Thanks for the sticks
I planned ahead & wrote mine a few at a time so my hand wouldn't hurt.
Have you lost your keys for the week yet?
You are lookin' fine!
You are a goddess!
Did you think we were *that* lame?
Is it your birthday???
Had birthday. Ate cake. Delightful.
You have very weird friends.
Quick!! Let's stop at Taco Bell!
Book? What book? *You're* writing a book? I had no idea.

We. Don't. Spoon!
Can you feeel the loooove toooo-niiight?
I swear...
We're late because one of Beth's kids had another sports event...
You kwow what I could use right now? Some ice chips :)
Bow Chicka Bow Wow

6 trips to Target and no skewers
*WINNER* Just kidding. there's nothing to win
(okay maybe I was wrong - THIS ONE is killer funny/clever/perfect/favorite!)
Don't you think we're Heee-larious?
(written on a super dark blue chip) Can you even read this?
Happy Birthday!
WHAT is that smell? sniff sniff smells like Easter Eggs
I've got CPS on my speed dial
HBTY haha! figure out what that means (and no, I haven't!)
Walk like an Egyptian...
Let's just call this color "dillweed"

PHEW!! that's every single one of them. After, of course, the front row of sticks that said H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y M I C H E L L E

Pretty clever huh? I love you girls!!! Thanks again!


Kerry said...

Holy cow. I think that took more work to type all those out than it did for us to write them! I love birthdays. so fun. Haha!

Love ya!

Beth said...

Woohoo! I didn't get to read them all so thanks for doing that! Does your hand hurt? Bwahahaha!

Shanna said...

My Favorite has to be "I would lick Capatain Jack cleeeeean!" ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! SNORT!!!! You is a dirty skanky ho. And das why I love you! Hee hee!

Dust and Maddy said...

Hee hee! I love reading them. . . and I loved doing it anymore.

Best memory: Shanna's little girl wandering around looking for us. BWAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

I figured out the "HBTY" "Happy Birthday to You!" I am S.M.R.T!!

Anonymous said...

I figured out the "HBTY" "Happy Birthday to You!" I am S.M.R.T!!