Monday, May 21, 2007

the sky is not falling!

I repeat, the sky is not falling. Nor is the end of the world near. All hell is not breaking loose. At least not in my little neck of the woods.

How do I know this, you ask? I know you're at the edge of your chair crazy with anticipation. I will relieve you of any further suspense.

Peter and I went shopping yesterday. We did A LOT of shopping. well. All lot of spending (on his part) anyway. Costco first, then Target. My two stores I USED to call my "hundred dollar stores" until I decided I'd be lucky (and pretty damn happy) to leave that place only a C-note down.

aaaaaanyway, we USED to have our routine of shopping with the kids in 100 degree heat down to the second. Not a moment wasted securing our purchases and buckling in the chillins. We must be out of practice after a long winter of perfect weather where the required get-in-the-car-as-fast-as-you-can-so-the-air-will-get-cold-quickly-so-we-don't-burst-into-flame techniques aren't necessary. I know we're out of practice because as we pulled into the garage I realized my purse wasn't with me.

Now, I won't say who (peter) was unloading the stuff (peter) from the cart or who's who's responsibility it was (peter) to make sure everything (peter) was out of there. No need to (peter) rub it in. Needless to say (okay maybe I let it slip a TEENY BIT) the purse wasn't with me.

Back to Target. This took exactly 18 hours and 23 minutes.
Back to where we parked. Which had the NOW EMPTY cart in front of the spot.
Back across the 100 acre parking lot to the store's entrance.

time stood still. Let me just explain my panic. I had my car keys and cheapo sunglasses. Other than that, everything was in my purse. I'd just cashed my last Bazzill check, so over 200 bucks cash was in there. My very expensive, practically a computer phone was in there. My 'get the most expensive blue tooth dealy' was in there. Two credit cards, bank card and ID were in there. OH! and killer D-backs tickets for this Saturday's game where in there. I guess when I write it out like that it's not my WHOLE life, but at the time, with the second ticking by like freaking molasses on a cold winter's day, it seemed like a boat load of stuff.

Time to face to music. It's gone, I just know it. No one could pass up the hundred dollar bills that I remembered I hadn't pushing in my wallet far enough so they were peeking out. The phone maybe. the tickets, maybe. But not 200 smackerooneys! Well someone DID pass it up. Someone, a young couple I'm told, turned it into the Target service counter. This couple didn't take a single thing. I'm pretty sure they didn't even peek in, as nothing seemed moved a bit (it's ordered chaos in there and I'd notice if someone straightened up LOL) Before you ask, no, they didn't leave their name, just my purse. I asked everyone at the counter, too. I wanted desperately to give them a reward. But nope. They just returned it and went about their day. How cool is that?!

So my faith in humanity is restored. Not that it really was all that tarnished. I don't tend to have The Chicken Little, sky is falling mentality. I don't buy into "gone are the good ole days" mind set. People are good. Always have been, always will be. There are a few bad ones, but for the most part, they rock. And I've got the 200 bucks, a kick ass phone and my blue tooth to prove it!


Lisa said...

hey--the exact same thing happened to me-except a target worker found mine! oh--i read the birthday greetings! hee-larious!

Dust and Maddy said...

WOW! That is amazing. I'm so glad it turned out alright because I can't imagine the big old knot that you had in the pit of your stomach. YUCK!

Shanna said...

HOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SCHMOLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! That had to be the worst 18hrs of your life! LOL Glad it turned out well and glad there's some good left in the world! I say Pay it Forward. You know.....send some anonymous cash to someone you know needs it. Hint hint. ROFLMAO.

Kerry said...

I thought you were going to say you lost your keys!!!! Sorry, couldn't resist.

Oh that feeling is the WORST!! I'm glad you got it back!

Now remember to pay it forward... as I know you will. Cuz' you're that type of person too.

Anonymous said...

That had MY heart beating a little fast. I'd have freaked out too. What a relief that there are still some good people, honest people that set the bar.

I'm so glad that a certain unnamed (Peter) person lived to see another day.

Beth said...

So where are the DBacks seats? ;)

Anonymous said...

That is a FANTASTIC story! I was holding mt breath that you would get it ack! Have a GREAT one! Tammi