Monday, March 03, 2008


Kaelene tagged me. So here are seven things you may not know about me.

1. I love being tagged. Prolly cuz I get to talk about myself :)

2. I played the trumpet in high school. Was pretty good, too. I was all about music while in school. No, don't ask me to play now, couldn't do it, forgot everything.

3. I am crazy about boxes. Any shape or size or purpose (or lack thereof). I love them all. I tend not to by them, though. Ever. Really just out of fear that once I buy one I'll buy thousands and my house will be taken over by useless boxes, all too small to live in after spending all my money and they forclose on my house.

4. One of the things I love best about Peter is that he thinks I'm funny! Not only does he GET my jokes, but he laughs his ass off at them.

5. There was a (rather huge) part of me that never really thought I would finish the book. Always lingering in my mind - every second I worked on it - was that question on why I was pushing so hard. Why bother? cuz I wasn't going to actually get it done. I always wanted to, just didn't think I would really be able to. I've, quite honestly, never been more proud of myself for having done it.

6. While I playing pitcher and catcher for the high school fast pitch softball team (not at the same time) I am not terrified of catching, err missing, balls. I freaked out just the other day when trying to play catch with Noah. This is one I need to work on.

7. I can't stand taking showers. Love being clean. Just don't much like the process of getting there.

well that's it. suppose I need to tag 7 other people but Kaelene took them all LOL So I'll just tag the same ones she did :)

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Kaelene said...

Thanks for playing! You're a good sport! ♥