Thursday, March 06, 2008

super random crap

So Noah's sitting on the floor at the coffee table diligently doing his spelling homework. I'm sitting right here at the computer dilignetly doing, well, not a damn thing, when I hear "BURP...oh...didn't see that one coming...excuse me" Didn't skip a beat. Didn't look up. Just went on writing out his words. Freaking cracked me up.

Of course, now that's he done it 5 times since it's not so cute. Gotta love almost-9-year-old-boy humor.

Here are some things I found on Etsy (while diligently doing nothing) that made me laugh.


Found this in the "house warming gift section" Now I ask does this really say "hi, I'm your new neigher, nice to meet you" or does it say something like “thanks for moving in, dickhead”


This was in the "wedding gift section"...yeah. thanks a lot...a gift card from target too good for ya? Does this really say congratulations to the bride and groom? Or “I’ll love you until I suck every last little drop of life out of you, leaving you a mere shell of your former self, dried up and hanging till someone flushes you down the toilet.”


And this...really? why??? Are people really have problems with their produce catching a chill???


And finally...anyone ever watch Southpark? okay if you haven't then nevermind. But if you did, doesn't think look like spanky and his gay lover on a stick???? Man, ruined popsickles for me forever.

And that's my random crap for the day!


Lisa said...

oh my gosh! those things are too much! that first thing looks like if it came to life you would only live 5 minutes!

Kerry said...

heidi hooooo! lol.

ok, and i actually kind of like that first one.

Kaelene said...

Those are dang funny! just shows to go ya that you don't have to have class to sell stuff on etsy!!! LOL
And Noah . . . he's always been so cute!!

angieinpink said...

This made me laugh...holy random!

You just crack me up.

PS: I might secretly want one of those apple holders.

Dust and Maddy said...

OH my gosh -- you are hysterical! You totally made me LOL!