Monday, March 10, 2008

more equalnicity

here's how much I love him. This's the look of him. This is the real him when he's not running around, flopping, throwing, screaming, tackleing, jumping, or rolling. Pure Noah. How one child can be so damn energetic and so compassionate is beyond me. Not that this picture displays either trait, but trust me, he's both.


And here's the energy honed in on one thing. This pic is about a month old. I need to get a new one with this movement corrected. This was his "easy going doing it for the sportmanship" NYS league. Pretty laid back for a boy who's play 3 year previous but still great practice for the more intense kid-pitch league.

Noah's now is 'real' little league. Like Little League. We are very fortunate to have an amazing set of coaches who really know the game and how to teach it. our boy is so very coachable and is taking it all in like the sponge that he is. I'll have to have a series on this new and improved wind up. It's pretty damn cool.

And with that I feel all is equal in expressing-my-love-for-my-children-in-pictures blogging. I wonder who I'll favor next :)


Kaelene said...

I must concur -- he is a pretty cool kid! ♥ him!

Lisa said...

he really is the most adorable boy ever!!

Dust and Maddy said...

He is so dang handsome. You have the most photogenic kids ever. They must get a lot of beauty sleep or something because they're all gorgeous.

laura said...

he is gorgeous, michelle. :)