Sunday, February 17, 2008

NOT about the book

Howdy! Hope y'all have had a good weekend. It's sunday night and I'm winding down, getting ready for bed, and trying to prepare myself for another work week. I'm pretty much killing time right now while peter finishes folding laundry and puts it all away, uncovering the bed. If I go in there now I'll have to help - so here I blog.

Had a great weekend and figured I'd come talk about it. I managed to get a lot done even while coping with the rebounding depression/anxiety that was probably more than obvious a couple posts ago. Peter and I hung out a lot, too, which is always fun. During a conversation about 'connecting' we (well probably me) decided we should read together again. Like with Harry Potter. My friend, Angie Angie, told me about a new book series out about a vampires. I think she even posted about it. Anyway, we hit Barnes and Noble for material for our newly founded book club.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer was our first selection. And a damn good one it was. I started right away and, well, finished today. I pretty much couldn't put it down. Peter hasn't even started yet. So much for buying 2 books so we could read at the same time! haha This is a great story and I'm anxious to read the next book, New Moon. I do feel like I've joined the rest of the free world with my love for a hansome young/not-so-young vampire named Edward.

When I wasn't reading, or at Costco, or playing with the kiddos, I was editing. But I promised this wouldn't be about that :)

Earily, I was feeling semi-cerebral, reading an entire book and all (we won't dwell on the fact that it's found in the youth section!) My brainiac mood was quickly dampened with our (well Peter's) Sunday night TV show selection - The new Night Rider. Kill me. Two freaking hours!!! Are you kidding me? But in an effort to continue our "togetherness" I hung out with him while it was on. I am terribly embarrassed to say I liked it. hahaha i feel dumber even admiting that. But it's true. I was entertaining. And heck, what's not entertaining about watching a tucked and taped, spray painted and hair plugged Hoff! That's good TV right there, yo.


Lisa said...

are you serious? the hoff is on the new series? wow.

ok--the vampire books are awesome! i am starting to read the 2nd so we can read it together and leave peter in the dust.

Jamie said...

Is the real Hoff on the new Knight Rider show? Whoa.

What I want to know is how you train a man to do laundry. I think most men make and attempt but if they do it wrong they know we won't want them doing it.

Glad you liked the book! I bet it's nice to focus on anything but your book for awhile. :)

Kaelene said...

Ironically, just for nostalgia's sake, I had wanted to check out "Knight Rider", but forgot to set the DVR! I had no idea that Hoff would be in the new series . . . crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I am going to join that book club, too! I have heard from LOTS of people about those books -- even from friends who don't usually read! Gotta try em!

Dust and Maddy said...

Oh I LOVE the Twilight series. YEAY for you!!!