Tuesday, February 12, 2008

it's been awhile

Lots going on over here. Figured I'd give a little recap lest y'all think I only think about the book.

---the day---
Today is my 'emotional' day. That's what I call it. You know. The day that makes us want to kill our husbands. The day that makes are husbands wish we'd actually do it. The day that seems gloomy even when it's 70 degrees with a bright blue sky and a mild breeze from the east. The day when even hummingbirds piss you off.

that's today. And it seems like it will always be like this. Forever and ever I'll hate the smell of dryer sheets and heated up leftovers. Forever and ever I'll hate the phone, and email and even the net.

Every stinking month I have a day like this - NEVER THE SAME DAY - mind you. Can't be like 3 days before bitchy aunt flo comes. or 2 weeks after. NOOOOOOOO..it's complete random. You'd think I'd learn and not freak out every damn time. Nope. It's random enough that when my chest feels as though it's been sucked of all blood and oxygen that it still takes much too much time to figure out that it's because of soon to arrive company and NOT because I've lost it. PHEW!

Then tomorrow I'll wake up and everything will be fine. I'll apologize to Peter and the kids for being grumpy and we'll all go about our day...until the next day ;)

---the girl---
On to fun things. I've decided to teach Sarah how to bead. We all went to Michael's (even Peter!) and picked up her own tools and beads n'stuff. Haven't started yet but I'm totally excited. I've finall admitted (well with the help of my new friend Mr. Shrink!) that I've done a fair amount of neglecting when it comes to my middle baby doll.

Sarah was a little peanut while I was pregnant with Kate...and didn't get much of me. Then while I lost my mind NO ONE got much of me. Then she turned 3 and that age scares the crap out of me so I kept my distance. And now she's half way through 4 and I need to snap out of it. She's an amazing, funny, goofy child who constantly makes me smile. So it's my turn to make her smile some. I'll do my best to post pictures of her work :)

Speaking of Sarah, she's taking her 'assessment' for Kindergarten in a couple weeks. I'm pretty sure she isn't ready for kinder. You have to be a full 5 year old DEVELOPMENTALLY to be able to attend and, with being a late summer baby and all, I just don't think she's quite there. But we'll see. Won't break our hearts if she needs to wait. "The gift of Time" they call it. A concept I embrace.

Got the proof back from the printer. I LOVE IT. I damn near put chocolate sauce on it and ate the damn thing. IT'S THAT YUMMY!!! We did have a crazy snaphooey (sp???) which meant a LOT of changes. The printer will get back with me tomorrow on if he'll make them or if I need to. Either way is fine but it will stall things about a week. My web guy FINALLY called me back and that's getting finished. Met with the bank for merchant services and got that hammered out. Need to meet with Fed EX, UPS and USPS this week to get rates. Need to finalize negotionations with fullfillment. AND THEN I NEED TO MARKET THIS THING :))) It'll get there. Be patient with me. It should be worth it!

I'll leave you with this gem. Something y'all probably know, but in case you don't I'll do you this little service. Doing the dishes after 3 days is not only completely nasty but REALLY FREAKING HARD!!!

That's all for now!


Kaelene said...

"I damn near put chocolate sauce on it and ate the damn thing. IT'S THAT YUMMY!!!" Now I don't feel so odd about having the thoughts of a candy shop while looking at the "Lifted" proof! :)
And, about "the day" -- I wish there were some sort of warning sign, for myselft, when that day was coming; something besides waking up with an attitude like "I will kill anyone who looks at me wrong today!" When even laundry detergent commercials make me cry, and the smallest comment can send me reeling for months, it would seem. Ya, what's up with that emotional tornado day?? Thank goodness we can forget yesterday's mistakes when we wake up the next day! And PRAY that our loved ones will keep loving and forgiving us!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it only lasts ONE day! Holy cow! You have so much great stuff to look forward to. This book is going to be fantastic once it finally gets out of the gate. You'll get to share it as it was meant to be.
Very cool about the beading, too. I think you two will have a great time. XOXO.

Kerry said...

Hahaha! Hummingbirds pissing you off kind of day? Now THAT is BAD!!

Awesome news on the book!

angieinpink said...

one word: yum.
seriously: yum.
it's so cute.

Lorie said...

Please shoot me an email when it is ready to go! I was checking out the website and it look great!!