Monday, February 25, 2008

equal time

She makes me just has happy :) Here are just 3 of her many faces. Our children are nothing if not animated.

"Yeah, I'm cute and I know it. Go ahead, try not to smile."

"oh wait, what's going on up there. Daddy telling me how cute I am?"

"yeah, I'm pretty much done with this now, Mom"

The boy is coming soon. Got the pics all picked out and everything :) But wouldn't want to use up all my bloggin ideas now would I? OH! and I scrapbooked the other day! There's another post. Go me! :)


Kaelene said...

Yay, Michelle has blogged 2 days in a week! woo hoo!!
Love those photos; couldn't keep from smiling! :)

Beth said...

Number three is the best. I get at least one of those in every photo session from every kid. Priceless!

laura said...

so sweet! she is so cute, michelle!

Kerry said...

Whoa! I figured after you posted last I still had at least another month before I had to check back.

Haha! Glad to see you on the blogging stuff again.

Lisa said...

that is one cute little girl!