Tuesday, March 06, 2007

if case you were wondering

It's official. I don't pay attention. Well at least I don't to internet stuff, and changes that happen to the net. Even when it involves me, I somehow think it's not important and completely ignore it. Whatever 'it' is.

Case in point. Blogger was bought out or something by Google, I think. I'm guessing here because for weeks, when I log on to blogger to post a comment (or edit one, or reply to on my blog, or reply on another blog) it (it being the big blogger 'hub' server thing in the sky) has been flashing crap at me about how my 'new and improved' blog is now available...somewhere and that I should go there now to see all the new stuff I can do.

I completly ignore these comments.

Until, of course, even *I* can't log on to my blog. Time to pay attention. Now I'm playing catch up. "what the hell did all that crap say to me?", "Where do I go now to create my new and improved blog?", "Dammit man, I hate this shit, I just want this stupid blogger dealy to work!!!"

So I thought I did whatever it is I needed to do to get my new and improved blog. I went into the link provided (was it to google?? I dunno, I wasn't really paying attention) and filled in all the little boxes that had that little red asterick next to it. You know the ones, they are 'required' fields. OKay, did that, and WOO HOO I can blog again.

Or so I thought.

I can blog, but can't reply. Not anywhere. I can read my blog, but can't reply on it. I can read your blog, but no replying allowed. It tells me I have the wrong password, "NO I DON'T YOU STUPID BASTARDS! I HAVE THE SAME PASSWORD FOR EVERYTHING (forget that part would ya!) AND I KNOW HOW TO TYPE IT YOU STUPID PIECES OF FREE BLOGGING CRAP!!!!!"

Sooooooooooo, in case you were wondering why I'm not answering your questions here, or not replying on your blog, it's cuz I don't pay attention. and googles sucks. not in that order :)

Here's what I said (okay it's condensed) before I got that oh so annoying password bullshit!

Kerry, Love the room, and that video rocks. "Would you like to talk about the destruction of Western civilization?"
Maddy, Wow, that's a lot of bows :) Sadie is adorable. LOOOOVE the picks of her no lying down :) Can I hold her??? I promise I won't put her into REAL sleep.
Beth, Love the pages. Sorry y'all were sick.
Shanna, you rock, as usual.
Lisa, CONGRATS girl. Although the thought of you being a MIL and grandma (someday) makes me feel old. LOL havn't figured that one out. LOL
Tammi, that room ROCKS!!!!! and, or course, so does that page!


Beth said...

Haha! Too funny (sorry- it is to me...). ;)

That's why I refuse to switch over to the 'new and improved' crap they're advertising. :P

And you know you can still comment as an anon, right? Just click on the anon button, then sign your name so we know who you are...

Beth said...

Oh- and try this to see if it helps:

Blogger help

Lisa said...

well i have the "new and improved" and it works fine for me--so i can't help you--but calling it bastard is definitely not going to help! ha ha

Kerry said...

Blogger sucks because I left a comment on here earlier and it is gone. Now you know why I use the 'anon' or 'other' too. Freakin' blogger. I hate it!

Beth and Lisa are just mac user/techno geek people who like to make us feel bad that we don't know all the cool tricks. ;)

Kerry said...

and it worked that time. Hmmmm.

Dumb thing.

I'm not anon! (right now at least.)

Anonymous said...

^5 K-dawg!

and lisa, I only wished I'd called it bastard. I cleaned it up for y'all :)


Anonymous said...

Michelle, that stinks. I didn't even set up my own blog. I cannot even paste a link that works. I am with you on not changing things. Tammi

Dust and Maddy said...

I can't even figure out what is new and improved. Looks the same to me, I just have to log in using a g-mail account