Tuesday, March 20, 2007

when it's not you it's funny

Had some day today. Thankfully there are no pictures to show you. You''ll see why...

So I headed off to Peoria to do a field survey of an existing Elementary School. It's all good. I'm happy because I brought Ali with me. Ali is a draftsman at work who I was able to pull from away from the other guys to help gather information about the job site. He's young and fun and kinda cute (not my type at all but he's still cute, I'd say)

We get there a bit early which was cool because I thought we were running late. Traffic was good so the normally 50 minute drive was cut to 35 :) yippee. I might have been actually skipping, or at least that's my excuse, because while I'm heading across the parking lot I step on a rock, twist my foot, and fall HEAD FIRST to the ground.

Can you say embarrassing???

To make matters worse, besides Ali, I had an audience of 10-15 construction workers who were in the street standing around watching one guy twist some long ass tool in a manhole. perrrrfect. witnesses.

I jump up (and let me tell you - I bounced up faster than my fat ass has moved in a very long time) and check my knee. It's scrapped but nothing too bad. Ali, bless his heart, is asking if I'm okay and acting all pissed at the freakin pebble that tripped me! I'd be in love with him had he not, only seconds after returning to the office, laughed his ass off while telling the guys how I fell on the smallest rock on the planet. bastard! :)

One of the construction workers asked if I was okay. I chuckled (I could have cried) and said, "yeah, I'm fine. Just a bruised ego." eeeeeeeveryone laughed. Yeah...funny guys.

THEN (yes, there's more) as I'm waiting for my client I decide I'd like a drink of my soda from the car. I safely manuvuer my way back accross the parking lot (swiftly kicked that fucking pebble, errr boulder!) and realize I don't have my car keys. I left them in the car. On the back seat. Where they are mostly certainly not supposed to be. Like a complete moron.

Two calls to my husband, 40 minutes and 50 bucks later I was back in my car.

Funny huh? yah, go ahead, laugh away bitches! Some day you'll fall on your ass and lock yourself out of your car and who'll be there yuckin' it up with the neighboring construction workers??? Me and Ali :)


Shanna said...

oh damn girl.....you should go buy a lottery ticket. Oh wait. Nevermind. ROFLMAO. Yah I crack myself up! :o) hope your ass is okay.

Shanna said...

oh and there is a lil' surprise for you on my blog! Hope it makes you smile! :o)

Lisa said...

oh my gosh--i can't laugh cuz i've done that before--well, not the leaving the car keys in the car, or tripping on a rock...ok, who am i kidding--yeah i'm laughing! ha ha no--i have fallen way too many times to keep track--most of them in front of someone! just glad you are ok!

Anonymous said...

DANG, that sounds pretty rough! I know you'll bounce back.. TAKE CARE! Tammi

scrapmom4 said...

That is some day, Michelle. I was laughing, but only a little bit. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Michelle! I know that you are probably a little sore today, from that tumble you took! but, you know the rules of performance, "If you're gonna fall in front of others, do it with style!"
Maybe Ali thought that it was okay to tell the other guys and laugh, because you were laughing at yourself! That's one major difference between men and women -- we take a LOT longer to get over things, while they can be done with it and laugh their butts off about it!
Hope today is a better day!
OH -- PLEASE tell me you weren't wearing your new shoes!?!?!?!!?
Love ya

Kerry said...

OK, now I know it isn't funny, but I can't help but laugh! It was the play by play of the fall, the construction workers, ali and everything!

But did you lock your SODA in the car?!?!? That is when I would have panicked!!!

Hope you are better today.

laura said...

sounds like a typical day! ;)

Beth said...