Sunday, March 18, 2007

name change

I've changed the name of my blog. I've been thinking about this for a some time now. While I loved the old [randomness] it's not me. Well, not true, it's VERY me. I am completely random. But I love a good play on words. Something I got from my Mom, who was a master of the pun and plays on words.

So in honor of her I now dub my blog "i swear!"

MAINLY because, face it, I DO. You know it, I know it. Hell, my Dad taught me it (sorry daddy!)

and secondly because this is the place I come to vent about the randonmess of live. Where I think (and now will say) "I swear, this is some crazy shit"

Pretty sure this name change won't get me to post more, or have more time to post, or have funny ass things to post about. But I SWEAR I'll try.


laura said...

i swear too michelle - isn't it a terrible habit? but i don't think i'll ever stop. i love the new name! ;)

Kerry said...

Haha! I was hoping it meant that you would update more often with the new name. Like: "I swear! I'll update!"

But F&*# that, I like the new name because we all swear!

Dust and Maddy said...

Love the new name! I want to change my blog name too since Dustin never posts on it -- why does his name get to be on there?

Beth said...

Why do I suddenly have the All-4-One song going through my head? "I swear"- I'm going to slap you upside the head next time I see you for this one, Michelle! ;) the moon and the stars in the sky