Friday, March 02, 2007

still working fo the'man

Thank you, my friends, for being concerned about me and being worried that I might actually not have a job. Your concern seriously made me happy. No small feat as of late.

Yes, I'm still gamefully employed. I knew I would be, to be honest. But what's the use of having 'company' if you can't be overly dramatic about every. single. little. thing. on. the. entire. planet? So I embellished. I'm sybil right now, what cha gonna do, CHALLENGE ME!! :)

In other news, the jail cell that is my living room is still there. Haven't gotten used to it yet, not that I expected to. I did get to Pottery Barn for a swatch book and have the next color that'll be going up. Wish me luck! I'll need it.

I ran into my friend Pam Black (HI Pam!) at the scrapbook store today, she told me a funny story about paint color {sidebar - do y'all know Pam? Yeah, she pretty much rocks. She's an interior designer and amazing scrapbooker, seriously. She and I started scrapbooking about the same time and would bump into eachother at sb etc all the time. We'd compare ideas, fawn over eachother's pages, and pretty much be totally inspired by eachother. Then she got really serious and her career as a scrapbooker took off! She pretty much blew me out of the water - but in a good way, make no mistake. Everything she's got she's EARNED! She's worked her ass off and it's cool to see someone so honest, hardworking and genuine really succeed in this industry. Like I said, she rocks! OKay - end sidebar} So, anyway, she tells me about a job that she was doing in Mesa where they went through something like 35 quarts of paint before they found the right one. 35! So she could feel my pain! I promise you, though, no way in holy freaking hell I'm painting any part of that wall 35 times.

I think. Unless of course I can't find the right color after 34 tries.


k said...

I thought she was going to tell you some secret to avoid 35 quarts of paint! LOL!

Glad that everything is still cool, job wise. Sometimes you just need to vent. Otherwise you'd end up like those postal employees on CNN. ;)

*crossing fingers that this will post this time!!!*

k said...

Hey! And it worked FAST!!!

Beth said...

Awww- we were never concerned about your job, Michelle. Anyone who knows you long enough knows we have to accept your little moods every once in a while... ;)

I'm so kidding!! :-P

Anonymous said...

oh--i love pam too! she's so fun! and i am sure it won't take another 34 quarts! my money is on #29!! ha ha lisa