Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the pool, dude!

We, like you (if you have a pool) have a pool dude. If you are lucky, (read: rich!) he comes every other week with test tubes and powders and fluids to make the pool sparkle. Much like my Mary Kay lady :) But if you are poor, and hot (not sexy hot, melty hot) like us you clean the pool yourself and only see the pool dude when there's a problem.

So you pretty much see the pool dude all the freaking time.

Whenever we have a pool issue Peter and I text about the Pool dude. What's the problem, why it happened, and - of course - how many digits this repair is going to cost. These converasation are, like so many of our conversations, via text messaging.

I got one of those texts today, let me share: "talked to the pool dude just now, said it's a million dollars and our pool is a waste of water and chlorine and energy and we should consider a slip and slide but he'll happily give us K-Y when he hands us the bill this time"

okay. maybe I'm projecting. It's true up to the comma, at least. Which brings me to the point of this post (yes, there's a point, no matter how dull) We've always talked about the pool dude at just that, "the pool dude" Just like the house painter is the "paint dude", the repair man is the "fix-it dude" and the plumber is the "shit dude" It's just how we talk. I never gave it much thought, until just now.

I'm sitting here wasting time on Peter's computer when a link on his favorites catches my eye. "The Pool Dude"........hummm........... I start thinking "wow peter really takes this 'dude' thing to the limit (remind me to kiss him)....but no...he didn't really do that...???...did he?"

It was the caps that gave it away. He wouldn't have capped each word. So I clicking on the link. Our pool dude was really The Pool Dude!!!

Maybe it's because I'm running on fumes and have had 4 beers, but that's damn funny! I want to be "the pool dude" in someone's life. Like, "oh hurry! we've got a creative scrapping emergency, Let's calling "THE LIFTED CHIC!" over to solve all our problems."

....or maybe it's the beer....


Kaelene said...

That's it! I'm changing my link to your book blog . . . It will read "The Lifted Chick . . . no boob jobs here!" LOL Bwahaahaaa ♥

Beth said...

hehe. We call ours the pool guys. But we have a bug dude... ;)