Monday, August 18, 2008

a bit backwards

OKay, I admit it, these are late. This is from the first day of school, 3 weeks ago. I was going to post them right away but then everyone was posting their back to school kiddos and these didn't look so cute. Now, nearly a month later, and up with posts about the Olympics, they seem to stand out. And really, this girl is too cute not to share.

Let's start this story with the matching shoes. This was purely on accident (really!). I bought my cute little mary jane's a couple months ago at Target. While back school shopping these were the only shoes that worked for her. It wasn't a hard sell, having shoes that matched mine.


Good thing Peter doesn't read my blog, he'd be pissed that I posted a picture of him. But seriously, only if there was like little kittens or ducklings following them could this get cuter. In 30 years he'll understand.


One of single coolest things about Sarah's first day of "big school" was that Katie, Sarah's Godmother, came down. She like a crazy talented, beautiful, over-achieving yet grounded person. She's in college, has like 4 jobs, or maybe 5 I can't count that high, and still came down just for this day. Paid for it all on her own too. We all simply love this girl.


need I say more?


If the close-up above wasn't cute enough for you then then one will stop your heart. This is what she did when we first got to the playground. Just stood there, waiting for the swing. At first I thought she was sad but she wasn't. She was just patiently waiting for an open swing. Of course, she was so far back, and so shy about the process, that once a swing was open another quicker boy got it. By the second day she caught on and I'm certain she gets the first swing available.


end of day one. Only a lifetime to go, kiddo.



Kerry said...

Oh so cute!

Lisa said...

i'm a kerry clone--oh so cute!! did peter do sarah's hair? love those photos!

Kaelene said...

coolest blog about first day of school for cutie Sarah! It still blows me away that we are already at this point, with her!! ♥

angieinpink said...


you're kids have dang good hair.

how are ya? i emailed you a while back...seems like everything's goin' good!

Beth said...

Oh- those are such stinkin' cute photos! The one with Peter is precious. Why the heck doesn't he read your blog? Sean's always pestering me to update mine... Men! ;)

SHanna said...

Fun photos girl!

Dust and Maddy said...

Oh my gosh -- my heart is melting. She is so cute. I love her hair. Can you coem give me a hair tutorial?

PS Did Peter tell you I saw him at the school?