Saturday, August 09, 2008

didn't only take pictures, I'm POSTING them. Go me.

It's damn near impossible to say who had more fun. All the girls had a blast, but it was me who was beaming as much as anyone. Thank goodness no one else had a camera. Documenting my goofy face would have been too much.

The day was simply fantastic. Have lots of pics so here goes:

Sarah and Kate before their glam makeover.


Some "during" shots. Seriously y'all, this Libby Lu place was so great. I will for sure be taking them back. which reminds me, I forgot to tip...will have to talk to a manager on Monday and get that taken care of. These girls were so wonderful. Even Katie, the 3 year old, got to take part. I think she loved it most.

Kaila's "mirror" shot and the beginning of her "punk" do

My girls both got the "Rockin" do. I had big time hair envy.

Meghan and Erin both got the "dazzling" up-do.


The most beautiful girls in the world. I can hardly stand the cuteness.


After the pampering at Libby's we went out to Peter Piper Pizaa for birthday cake and presents. Had like a speed birthday party as everyone was pretty tired and just wanted to go look at themselves in the mirror!

Huge thanks to Laurel and Beth for letting your girls share in the fun and giving sarah such wonderful gifts. Beth, the CD is already in my car! We (yes all us girls!) LOVE IT! Oh and extra thanks to Beth for letting me use her camera.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE SARAH! we love you bunches and bunches.

OH! and yes, Sarah did manage to cut her bangs again. Happened at school this time so at least I wasn't 'in charge'. No pictures as of yet but hope to soon. It's not nearly as bad as last time but it will need professional fixing, and possibly a funky new style. I think the child wants bangs, yes?


Lisa said...

i wish we could have had parties like that when we were young! cute, cute girls!!

Kaelene said...

So proud of you for taking photos and posting them! Woo hoo!
Happy Birthday, Sarah! Can't believe that you're 5!!!!

Tammy said...

The girls are darling. Looks like a lot of fun.

Kerry said...

Happy birthday Sarah!

OK, when we all get together again instead of scrapping I want to go to Libby Lu. We can all be princesses and rock stars! It's official.

Beth said...

They're all so CUTE!! My girls are still talking about it!

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