Friday, August 08, 2008

sarah turns 5

Today is a fun day. My little girl turns 5 today. It's put me in a crazy fun mood. So much so that the office dog, which normally bugs the crap out of me, is even cute. Now THAT'S a good mood.

Per standard Michelle style I've waited till the last minute to plan anything. Even so, things have worked out. I'm taking mini cupcakes to her school at 2:15 for a quickie party there. Then at 4:00 I'm taking Sarah, Kate and 3 other girls up to Libby Lu for some girl time. Then we're all heading over to the tried and true and most wonderful place on this planet earth, Peter Piper Pizza.

I can't wait.

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Lisa said...

i cannot believe she is 5! that's crazy talk! although my baby will be six in 5 months!!