Thursday, July 17, 2008

new stuff

Just added another little fun thing to my blog. Okay maybe it's only fun for me but none the less, here it is. It's the "i heard" section and it's where I plan on posting the (positive) comments about the book. :) One perk about doing it all yourself is you don't have to post the bad stuff (although you are the only one who hears it all but aw well)

If you've read the book and want to comment just email me - or post here for that matter - and I'll post it in that section for all to see. And well for me to boost my ego, which we all know is so important to me!

I know I've got some great reviews in the comments section of some of the posts. thank you guys for that! They haven't gone unnoticed. I'll dig through those as well and move them to the new section. Cuz it's just fun to do that!


Lisa said...

michelle--love you, love the book. but why in the hell must you torture me with the BNL!!!!! i almost hurled.

Tammy said...

A soundtrack even? Wow.

Michelle said...

Oh you did not Lisa, I know you secretly looooooove them.
don't lie.

Yo Tammy! Thanks for postin. Rock on. :) I can add you now.