Thursday, July 24, 2008

things are moving

Lots has been going on over here - book wise. One big new thing is a book signing scheduled for 9.6.08. I've been working with the owner of Paper Vineyard on a 3 part series at her store. It consists of a signing, a class and a crop. I'm thrilled to have Lifted in her store!

This is the poster I made for for that event.

Next super big thing is I've decided to hire a sales rep. Peter and I talked about this in the beginning and decided against it, thinking I could handle it. But (and this will shock you) I can't! Even if I were a salesmen - which I'm not - I just don't have the time. So, I'm tickled to have Janna in my corner. She is having a huge event tonight putting manufacturers and store owners in the same room and I'll be there. Should be a ton of fun and great exposure. I'll try to get some pictures of this event, and Janna's cuteness, to post here. but no promises : )

So wish me luck. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.



angieinpink said...


that is such happy news! you are awesome!

ps: that's the cutest, ever.

Kaelene said...

Ya, pretty much LOVE the poster! I'm glad that you have something going on at that store! Maybe the "other" store will take some lessons! :)

Kerry said...

It sounds like things are movin' like crazy! Congratulations!

I found where Paper Vineyard is located right before I moved. Dang. I remember hearing about it when Recollections was closing. It looks like a cool store!

Beth said...

yoohoo- any school photos of Miss Sarah? :P