Monday, July 14, 2008

fireworks for old people

This conversation took place on Saturday July 5th. I wish I could say it wasn't a typical exchange.

dude, it's 9:30 on the second night of a 3 day weekend and we are already in bed...................We are pathetic.

We are old.

I'm not that old.

Yes you are.

Remind me to kick his ass.


Beth said...

Me: Dude- you forgetting things again?

You: Huh?

Me: you were out with me till 1am later that night on the 5th, so you can't be that old.

You:- Sh!t- you're right! I'm not old! What an awesome friend to remind me of that and make me feel better.

Me: Just doin' my job.


Kaelene said...

Bwaaahaaaahaaaa . . . Good on ya, Beth, for reminding her!!