Saturday, July 12, 2008

end of a great season

The 9-10 year olds, 2008 Chandler American All star season has officially ended. The boys put on a good show against the undefeated Ahwatukee team. Final score 9-6. I am so proud to have been a part of this season. The kids were great as were the coaches. We look forward to next season.

Noah started at second base the first two games but was sluggish at the bat (with 5 strike outs - more than he all in the 17 regular season games) so came in as a sub in the later games. After lots of hard work, extra practices, and an all around go getter attitude he started at shortstop for the Semi final game. This is a huge accomplishment, one I hope he's able to look back at and be especially proud of. I know we are!!!

For those who have no idea where the shortstop is, Noah's the one at the right.


and a final look at the bobbles. They are officially retired and with their rightful owners.


Beth said...

It was a great game! I'm so sorry they lost, but they definitely played hard till the end! And uber congrats to Noah for starting at SS- he looked good out there!

Those bobbleheads looked so stinkin' cool on the dugout!!

Go North! :P

Dust and Maddy said...

Those bobble heads are the coolest things I've ever freaking seen!

Kaelene said...

Hey Maddy - ask her how many F bombs she dropped in the process of making, transporting, repairing, repacking and transporting again the bobbleheads! Her response will probably be "I've elected to not keep track!" They ARE freakin' cool, though!

Kaelene said...

Oh, and congrats, Noah, on a great (and seemingly endless) baseball year!
How many weeks until fall league starts??? :)

Beth said...

How many weeks until fall league starts???

Three weeks from today... :P

Lisa said...

the bobbles are wicked cool!!!