Friday, July 11, 2008

alright alright

here are some pics of what I've been up to with the allstar team. If I ever give anyone shit again for going overboard with their kid's event remind me of these little projects....I'll be sure to slap my own face.

Here are the infamous bobble heads. I'll try to get one up on the dug out at tomorrows SEMI FINAL game. :) They look really cool all lined up with head a'bobbin'. To give you an idea how big they are, the heads were printed out 8x12. The box they are in is one of those post office box things I get all the time when I have to pick up 2 months worth of mail. They stand at least 24" high. I love them more and more every time I look at them. Don't even ask how long they took to make or how much I spend. I've elected to not keep track.

I'll keep y'all posted with the outcome of the game. I know you'll be on pins and needles.


One thing about allstars is that everyone only knows like one or two players and parents. Pair that with daily meetings at practices and games and it starts to feel really funny really fast say, "yo hey you!" so I made these "picture rosters" for anyone who wants one. They are a 5x7 picture folded in half. On one side is each player's picture with their name and number. On the flip side are the coaches pictures and names, the schedule and the full roster in alphabetical order with the parent's names. It's a fancy ass cheat sheet is what it is. They've been a huge hit and now we all know eachother. And if we forget we just pull the our of our pocket. I also printed out an 8x0 for each family as a momento.


and this is what the girls have been up to. Eating otter pops in the backyard happy as clams.


Kerry said...

OH!MY!GOSH! Those bobble heads are SOOOOOO CUTE! You are lucky you can't hear me squealing, because every dog in the neighborhood is probably barking right now!

You are officially the coolest sport mom EVAH! I love your name and number cheat sheets too.

The girls look so big. :( I can't believe it!!

miss you!

Beth said...

If I ever hear anyone- ANYONE- say that I'm an overachiever again, I'm going to point them to this post. You so totally surpass me with those cheat sheets!!!

And I love the bobbleheads!

merideth said...

oh my sweet Lord! if only you'd come up with these ideas 10 or 15 years ago when our older kids were playing ball. andrew played 3 seasons (school, summer & fall leagues) of baseball each year! i would have made these so fast sparks would fly from the bobble spring! could you please post a short tut? my 3yo and my 4yo nephew would LOVE to have their own bobble heads!

p.s. i think i commented on this - not sure, so i'll do it again: i love - no, i *lurve* - your book.

Kaelene said...

Halleluia! You posted photos of the bobbleheads! You truly are the over-achieving sports mom of the year!
And that photo of the girls is DAHLING! ♥