Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let's get some pictures up in here

I finally spent some time moving pictures around. Not really by choice, I pretty much HAD to do it. The need presented itself when I was, quite literally, deleting duds while the CF card was in my camera IN THE PEW AT CHURCH just before Noah's confirmation so I could get a shot of his big moment. How's that for preparation?

Anyway, however I got there, I got there. I've some pictures for your viewing pleasure (hahaha I love that expression)

Here's what you are looking at. Last week Noah made his confirmation and first Holy Communion in the Catholic Church. We were allowed to take pictures (yah, like try n'stop us) as long as we didn't leave our seats. We were right in front so I was able to get a few decent shots while abiding to that rule. I'm a such a good doobie.

Noah with Dylan, his confirmation sponsor. Two great human beings right there.


The actual "confirmation" process which is pretty much laying of the hands and anointing with oils and some prayers. Not to make light of this sacrament, but after so much work and dedication part of me thinks we should all hollar out the candidate's name and say something rocking like, "Yo my christian peeps, this is the kick ass catholic little man, noah, give him a shout out, y'all" Not sure why I think this. It's not like I talk like that (will cept the kick ass and y'all parts) and I'm right there with being reverent in Church, but man, a little raise the roof might be cool. no?


Taking the host which was 'dry and crispy'. Yep, pretty much dude. Eat it a couple hundred more time and you'll start to get it. maybe.


And the cup. My personal favorite. Jury is out on what Noah thinks.

There you have it. Noah has the card to prove he's well on his way to being completely brainwashed, just like we like it.


Kaelene said...

I'm still laughing at Noah, after the wine! Was he acting like he thinks he should, after drinking wine, or was he truly just naturally "hyped up"?? No way to tell for sure!
Congratulations, Noah.

Kaelene said...
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Kaelene said...
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Kerry said...

Congratulations Noah!

WOW! You've updated posts AND the look of your blog! It looks great! You are going to spoil me with so many updates!!

Hey, and should I be offended that I'M not on your "I dig" links???? Where is the love? ;)

Michelle said...

damn kerry, I'M SORRY!!! Oh COURSE you were not left off intentionally. And I know you know what a dumb ass I am so you know I'm not lying. : )

Dust and Maddy said...

WOO HOO Noah! What a great day :D

scrapmom4 said...

Aww...that's so cool!