Monday, May 12, 2008

conversation with Peter while I am admiring my new blog look

Me: My blog rocks.
Him: Yes, dear.
Me: You've never even read my blog have you?
Him: I live your blog, why would I need to read it.
Me: Bastard.
Him: Well, am I wrong?
Me: Oh, you might be surprised.
Him: uh huh.
Me: Screw you.
Me: I am blogging this.
Him: You are proving my point.



Kaelene said...

DOH!! I hate it when he is right!!!

scrapmom4 said...

Hilarious. And true. Although sometimes I think Christian "gets" more of what is happening around here when he reads it and sees the pictures instead of just listening to me recount it.

Lisa said...

i love the new blog. and i'm glad you use your work time so efficiently! :)

Dust and Maddy said...

I totally have fights where I tell Dustin I'm going to blog it. You know the whole world has an opinion!