Wednesday, May 14, 2008

did I ever post this pic?

yes, it's official, I am the single laziest person on the planet. So lazy in fact that I'd rather ask if I've posted this picture rather than look it up myself. silly.

This pic was taken a while ago. Right before Easter I think. So it's not like I'm up to the second up to date with the photos. But, remember, I had a full CF card, so there's a lot of pictures to get up here. And, sadly for y'all, I'm going to space them out a bit rather than blow my wad with one massive post (oh yes I said that) and then never post again. Anyway, this is about as creative as I've been with photography lately. Pathetic huh? Even still, I like it. Sarah is such a happy girl and looking at her just makes me smile. Like even when I'm totally fed up with her not listeningness, I always smile when I see her on film (or pixels as the case may be)


I like this one too. This is as good as I can 'did' her hair. Yep, two bobby pins in an X folks, those are my mad skillz. Jennifer AnistonISH bouncy 90's hair done up making my 4 year old look 22. Pretty sure that's going to bite me in the ass some day.


laura said...

omg - she is so beautiful, michelle. :)

Kaelene said...

cute pictures of your cutie girl! ♥ her!!

angieinpink said...

oh my. she's cute. and so is your blog makeover. holy moly.

and moment of silence for the fabulous new website. it's perfection. congratulations!

Beth said...

I want her hair.
Man she's a cutie!