Monday, May 19, 2008

look what they did!

wow...bummer. It's not nearly as impressive as it was in real life. Maybe the long ass list of sayings will give some indication on how my ROCKING friends pulled off another kick ass birthday yard attack!

It's such a cool tradition. One I don't think I'll ever get tired of (maybe cuz I just follow the leader (coughcoughbethandmaddycoughcough) and never really have to do the hard organized it, or go to the store, or actually remember what day anyone's birthday lands on. None of that technical (super important) stuff like that.) I just participate in the actual attack. It's maximum pleasure with minimum mental energy spent. My kind of good time.

This year's theme was brought to you (well me) by the letter "m". Can't imagine why.

Maybe this has something to do with it. *smirk*

Here are (most) of the quotes, in random order. Some even I can't put out there for you people to read. I mean, I do have my limits ya know (BWHAHAHA okay THAT is funny!) I'll have you know, I know which ones are Maddy's and I have to tell you - SHE SWORE!! I'm so proud. It's not the F bomb, and she won't be going to hell (like me) but it's a start. Baby steps grasshopper baby steps.

1. you're worth every hour I spent cutting and taping these damn M's.
2. Beer me!
3. T-R-O-I-S; right?
4. I was thinking about "lifting" your birthday present but decided decorating your lawn more fun than jail.
5. At least you don't live in Kentucky.
6. Did you notice I changed my blog...and you cant' tell I like pink!
7. I don't think we've ever gotten to do this in the middle of the day before! It's kinda fun :)
8. My son is a baseball me!
10. So, are you pregnant? hahaha slap me now.
11. Are you calling me FAT?
12. Would you say that you might be *slightly* obsessive?
13. I'll kick your butt on the Wii trampoline!
14. We all got "lifted" Can ya work on "tucked" next?
15. bow chicka bow wow
16. You're friends RAWK!
17. Smile like a donut!
18. Some of my best friends are hookers.
19. I'm a vanilla girl
20. Oh my hell
21. Do you feel the love!
22. Put santa away. Seriously.
23. Commas. Use'em and abuse'em.
24. My kids are cuter than yours.
25. crakalicious
26. kiss my a$$
27. Thank heavens for a Cricut.
28. Little girls are fun to hug, fress in pink, and do their hair.
29. Just between you and me...
30. I got this GREAT idea and 2 years later a book appeared!
31. It's up your ass...can ya feel it?
32. Christmas is over, freak!
33. I get you. I really, really get you!
34. Lift this!
35. Let's go to Outback tonight!
36. nice use of assage.
37. I love color, lots of color.
38. Welcome to my, living room.
39. Do I know you? Have you met my book?
40. You rock!
41. Love my blog!!
42. My husband refuses to read my blog. Bastard.
43. Say hello to my little friend.
44. I have the best friends!
45. R they up your ass?
46. Bite me!
47. Lift this, Biotch
48. HOLA!!!
49. Peter likes pop rocks
50. Love you!
51. What makes your books so "lifted"
52. I'll sell you this M for 50 cents.
53. Michelle * making crack * marvelous * merry * majorily awesome * magical * may birthday * making crack
54. Can you watch my dog?
55. Not straight. Now stop calling me an overachieving perfectionist, dammit!
56. Do your spirits need to be "lifted"?
57. Thank you, Captain Obvious!
58. Would you say you have "scads" of books?
59. I just "lifted" 2 1/2 tons.
60. Merry Christmas! Greatest holiday EVER!
61. It's called SNOPES! Use it.
62. I'm at work but I can redesign your blog.
63. What? Sorry, I was lookin' at my blog.
64. Head Hooker :) (and I do mean head)
65. Yes I'll watch your kids.
66. I *heart* Edward
67. Will all the "lifted" jokes ever get old?
68. Just keep the drinks coming
69. The paint chips were easier
70. Happy Birthday!
71. Make the call, Really :)
72. You suck! No wait, you blow
73. Today's birthday has been brought to you by the letter... M
74. Little Miss "I'm not going to be able to do anything, no wait, I am and it will be amazing and I'm going to upstage all the rest of you!"
75. {M} whatever that means
76. The "m"'s are actually my subliminal way of trying to brainwash you to be Mormon.
77. This M is a forward. Pass it along to 10 friends now --- or you will die.
78. If I were you, I would have done them last minute :)
79. OKay -- Some of these are "lame" but you have to admit, some of them are Hee-larious
80. Have I said happy birthday yet?
81. I hope you know who did all the work -- beth :)
82. I need to talk to my cleaning lady...will you translate?
83. So totally hypothetical situation...I have a "friend" with a bubble on her taint...
84. Hey - whatever happened with the book?
85. M is for...MWAY
86. You drive!
87. It's my birthday and all I got were these stupid M's.
88. "I swear" but only on your birthday M'sm
89. The devine Miss M.


Y'all are crazy! And I love you!!! Thanks for making me feel so special!


Kaelene said...

Since we didn't get to read all of these, as we were desecrating your yard, I am so glad that you shared them all!
Your friends DO rawk! LOL

Dust and Maddy said...

Ha ha! Some of those still have me laughing. Taint hard ;p

Happy Birthday!

laura said...

happy belated birthday! :)

scrapmom4 said...

Happy Birthday!!
I emailed you about Saturday--sorry we can't come. :(
Fun quotes, and I'm glad you did the one word thang. :)