Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Thanks Maddy, I did need to blog :)

I'll Tag: Kerry, Kaelene and Angie. (first time ever not tagging Beth...you okay Beth?? HAHHAHAA)

What is your spouses name? Peter
How long have you been together? 5 years
How long did you date? about a year
Who eats more? oh him. But I can pack it in.
Who said I love you first? Him
Who is taller? Him, 6 inches
Who sings better? we tie at zero skills
Who is smarter? Him, WAY smarter.
Whose temper is worse? We're pretty much tied. I get over it faster.
Who does the laundry? Him. praise the sweet lord Jesus too.
Who does the dishes? Me. aaaaalways me.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Him, if you're at the foot of the bed. Me as you lay in it :)
Who pays the bills? He pays the mortgage, I pay everything else.
Who mows the lawn? A team of highly skills men who I never seem to see, until it's time to pay the bill.
Who cooks dinner? Anyone else but us :) Sunday dinner is all Peter though.
Who drives when you are together? Him, Never me.
Who is more stubborn? Him. Big time.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? We both will admit it.
Whose parents do you see the most? Well seeing that we don't see dead people it's my Dad we see the most.
Who kissed who first? Pretty sure he kissed me first but I'm sure I wasn't fighting it. And no, I don't remember it exactly.
Who asked who out? We talked online for moooonths before finally meeting. I casually asked to get a drink before the official date. Then he FINALLY asked. Turns out he was out of the state most of the times we IM'd.
Who proposed? Him. Well he had Noah ask me if I wanted to make us a family. It was perfect.
Who is more sensitive? Oh holy hell, me. Like a million times over, me.
Who has more friends? I have more but he has most lasting friendships. His core group he's been friends will since grade school.
Who wears the pants in the family? We are evenly matched which is exactly how we both want it.


Dust and Maddy said...

OH.MY.GOSH -- you blogged! YEAY!

I loved reading it. You're so stinking funny.

Anonymous said...

Love it. My husband HATES laundry, his attempt to help me was to tell me I could hire somebody to do it for me. Take care, Tammi

Beth said...

I'm just fine, thanks! And THANK YOU for not tagging me! :P

Lisa said...

that is funny stuff. good man that does laundry!

angieinpink said...

I'm still pretty jealous 'bout that laundry deal @ your house.

I just love ya. You make me laugh.