Monday, August 20, 2007


This post on Angie's Blog made my little heart skip a beat...and even caused an-ever-so-small flicker of baby-wants.

Me no want more babies.

But I gotta say, there aren't many things as cute as a baby sleeping on a man. Oh heck, a baby sleeping anywhere :)

Off to daycare, or the mall, or Peter Piper Pizza to rid my brain of these evil evil thoughts! ;)


Dust and Maddy said...

You can come hold Sadie anytime. You know that girl loves you!

Lisa said...

i have one of david and haley that i love!!!

angieinpink said...

peter piper will totally do the trick. lol.

Kerry said...

No. No. No. Be strong!

Or get a puppy.


Shanna said...

too late for me. How's about I call you once a day and tell you effing crappy I feel???? LOL That'll do it! :)